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Bourette silk / cotton

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On December 22, 2014
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I love this blend with heavier children, but it's also suitable for a tiny baby. It would do great in hot weather, a perfect summer blend!
If you don't like nubs, bourette silk isn't for you. Bourette silk doesn't get buttery soft (soon), doesn't have a lot of stretch and bounce.
Will make a great shorty!

Yaro Slings Pomegranate
40% bourette silk
60% cotton
Width: 72cm
By now you all might know Yaro Slings as a European brand that features a size 6 for €49 (some designs or materials will be a bit more expensive).
I wrote a review on Yaro Slings ‘Shah’, ‘turtle’ and ‘leaves’ a while ago, all 100% cotton wraps. Now I’ve received a tester with wool and one with bourette silk.
These blends will be more expensive (around 110 euro for a size 6 I believe).


If you have never owned or seen a wrap with bourette silk before you might be surprised by the looks. Normally you would expect silk to be smooth, shiny, soft and maybe a little bit slippery.
Bourette silk is like the ‘wilder’ version. It has nubs, a raw look, offers grip and is not shiny at all. I love it!
Wraps with silk tend to be a bit narrower compared to 100% cotton wraps, but with 72cm this wrap is not narrow at all.


The pomegranate design is fun. I like the scale, it makes them more playful & the lightblue colour looks very great with this design.
If you don’t like nubs, bourette silk isn’t for you. Bourette silk doesn’t get buttery soft (soon), doesn’t have a lot of stretch and bounce.


I love this blend with heavier children, but it’s also suitable for a tiny baby. It would do great in hot weather, a perfect summer blend!
It has a lot of grip, so making a higher backpass might take some practise. After a few wears it gets easier and you will probably love the grip.
It’s great if you want to finish knotless: Rucksack tibetan knotless? My favorite!


Bourette silk isn’t very fluffy, it’s very ‘flat’ on the shoulders. Still it’s comfortable with a heavy toddler.
I would even pick a shorty, the silk makes a nice slipknot!
It makes a normal knot, not bulky at all.


The icy blue will brighten your winter days, giving some summer feeling!
If you have never tried bourette silk before: you have to! I prefer this wrap over the woolie version, because I love the grip & the raw look.

Yaro slings is sold at several retailers, you can find a list at their Facebook page.


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