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combed cotton / egyptian cotton
Estimated price is £205 (around 285 euro) for a size 6

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On March 23, 2015
Last modified:May 28, 2017


If you're looking for a nice natty for summer to use with either your toddler or a newborn, here it is!
This is an easy going wrap, doesn't need any breaking in and is soft from the box.
It's narrow, just like other WW wraps, but has a nice stretch so you probably won't even notice it!

Woven Wings Geo ‘natty’

62% combed cotton
38% Egyptian cotton

Width: 62cm
Length: 474cm
Weight: around 251 gr/m³


Sometimes I get to try a brand that I have never tried before and then I’m asking myself ‘why didn’t I try this brand sooner?’. With Woven Wings this is definitely the case.
Woven Wings is an UK based company, known mainly for their geometrical designs and high end yarns. Recently there have been releases with other designs, but Geo still is ‘the’ Woven Wings design for me.
Geo has been released in a lot of colourways and blends, this tester has 62% combed cotton and 38% Egyptian cotton and is the first ‘natty’ Geo.


You might wonder why I haven’t tried a Woven Wings wrap before…. Well, that’s mainly because of the width. I love wide(r) wraps. 80cm? Love it! Wraps around 60-63cm are mostly too narrow for my preferences.
Most of my wraps are at least 68cm (which is ‘normal’ in my opinion). And yes, you will for sure notice a couple of cms less even if it doesn’t sound like it really is much narrower (this does depend on the stretch of the fabric too)
I have two ‘big’ girls (104cm and 87cm) and if they are tired they prefer to be worn with their arms in the wrap. With an arms-out toddler it probably isn’t a problem if a wrap is a bit more narrow, because it will still reach up to the shoulders. I’ve heard that most of the Woven Wings wraps are around 62/63cm 24.5 inch), depending on the blend and pattern it can be a bit less or more.


When this tester arrived I decided I wouldn’t measure it before trying it out. I wanted to wrap with it to decide by the feeling if it was (too) narrow or not, I didn’t want to decide by whatever the measurements would tell me. It has an amazing stretch and when wrapping you can easily make a nice seat and have enough wrap left to cover an ‘arms-in’ toddler’s back. For my bigger girl I would prefer more width, but still: wrapping wasn’t impossible and she was comfortable too.


Wrapping video:


Width certainly is a very personal preference and it also depends on what you’re used to wrap with. I can imagine that after a few weeks of using this wrap, my wider wraps will feel like a lot of fabric and I would be used to the width of this Geo.
I love the Geo pattern and it looks great in this colourway. The contrast gets lost in some pictures, but it’s a bright white with a more golden cream colour, you can still see the pattern very well.
This wrap has a nice texture, after ironing the pattern even pops up a bit. This gives a nice grip!
The combination of combed cotton and Egyptian cotton is a perfect choice, it makes the wrap strong and soft.
It’s fluffy on the shoulders, has a nice glide and is very easy to wrap with.
The pattern provides a nice grip, I think it will make a great rebozo shorty!


At the moment I prefer the double hammock, but that’s mainly because of my pregnancy. This Geo is also comfortable in a rucksack (tibetan), it doesn’t dig in the shoulders at all.
The tester is a size 6, it has a medium weight (around 251 grms/m²) and it feels light in hand.
On my pictures you can see how nice the candy cane chestbelt looks and that is not bulky at all!


You might be scared to use a natty wrap with your dirt-loving toddler, but this wrap is easy to care for. No delicate blend that needs handwashing, just throw it in the washing machine!
I love a natty in the summer, which colour would be more perfect for a hot sunny day than this? None, right?
This wrap is airy and supportive enough to use in a one layer carry, which makes it the perfect choice for hot days.
It’s soft enough for a tiny newborn and comfortable with a heavy toddler, suitable for newbie wrappers too!


If you’re looking for a nice natty for summer to use with either your toddler or a newborn, here it is!
This is an easy going wrap, doesn’t need any breaking in and is soft from the box.


Keep an eye on the Woven Wings Facebook page for information about upcoming releases.
They sell their wraps through draws and on etsy.


Some pictures: 




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