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On November 4, 2018
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++++ Thumbholes (yay!!)
wind and weatherproof outerlayer with a (detachable) fake fur lining making it a cozy babywearing jacket. You can open the collar at the back, making it easy to put the coat on when backcarrying.

I didn’t write any reviews for a while, but I get so many request about the babywearing coats that I show, which is why I will share a bit more information here!

The Wear Me babywearing 4-in-1 coat is designed by an Italian babywearing mom, Virginia Scirè. Like most babywearing jackets it’s designed after her personal babywearing experience and the need for a nice looking coat.

4-in-1 means you can use this jacket
– without an insert, like a normal jacket (beyond babywearing)
– when wearing your baby on your belly, adding an insert on the front
– when wearing your child on your back, adding the insert on the back
when pregnant, using an extra insert to make room for your growing belly
(you could use two inserts for tandemwearing)

(picture by my 7 year old)

The hood attaches with snaps and the collar closes with snaps too, making it easy to put on when backcarrying.
There’s no hood for the baby, so I’d suggest buying an “elephant hood” or other hat to keep your baby’s head warm 🙂

It’s available in size S up to XL in grey, black or bordeaux.
The jacket has a detachable (fake) fur lining (attached with buttons and a zipper). Making it warmer, soft and cozy. The insert doesn’t have the (fake) fur lining, but it is padded.
The outer fabric is wind and weather proof, this fabric is often used for sports jackets used for skiing. Along with the (detachable) lining it will keep you and your little one warm in winter.

There’s a drawstring at the bottom of the jacket, which helps to keep the wind out.
The sleeves have ribbed cuffs with a thumb hole, definitely a plus for me! Would love the holes to be a bit bigger though, it felt a bit tight.

At first I thought the fake fur would make it sweaty, but it’s very cozy and I like it!
Last year I tried one of the earlier versions and sometimes when I tried to put the jacket I somehow ended up with my hand/arm between the (fake) fur lining and the coat (as the fur part is detachable and is not in the sleeves), but with this one I’ve never had that. I appreciate it if companies use the feedback and improve a product!

(2017 version)

There’s a drawstring at the inside of the waist, to adjust the shape of the jacket. Which is great if you wear it without a baby and want to add a bit more waist to it!
The babywearing insert has two drawstrings, one close to the bottom and one at the neck of the baby. The insert has a bit of a “flap” to keep the wind away from your child.
I’m not really keen on inserts with hats/hoods so this works great for us.

Priced just below 150 euro (I saw the black version on sale for even less) it’s an mid-range priced babywearing jacket. High quality, designed to be practical and worn beyond the babywearing period.


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