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Great toddler / pre-schooler full buckle carrier. I would say it fits from clothing size 86. My little girl is still a bit overwhelmed by the carrier with her 83cm. Easy to use, comfortable padding.

Tula Baby Carriers – toddler ‘Zig Zag’


Height of the waist padding (in the middle)

Waist band complete length

Shoulderstraps padding length

Shoulderstraps padding width

Shoulderstraps minimum length

Body width

Body height



Carrier type

Body adjustable in height

Body adjustable in width


72 cm – 139 cm



45 cm





full buckle



4,5 inch

28 – 55inch

16.5 inch

3 inch

18 inch

19 inch

18 inch







If you’re looking for a toddler carrier, you will probably come accross the Tula Toddler carrier.
Tula says this carrier can be used from 25-50 pounds (11kg-23kg), from about 18 months to 4+ years old. (beginning when the child is a minimum of 11kg/25 pounds and 81 cm/32 inches tall).
My youngest is almost two years old, 83cm but hasn’t reached the 11kg yet. I still decided to gave it a try with her too.
I would say a clothing size 86 would be needed for this carrier. My little girl seemed to like it, but you can’t adjust the height or width so the big dimensions are still a bit overwhelming.


This is the perfect carrier for a pre-schooler or big toddler. My big girl loves it! She is 3,5 YO, 1m and over 16kg.
I’m only 1.68m and have to pull the shoulders straps as tight as it goes with my youngest, with my toddler I can leave some room if I want her to be worn high.
The padding is comfortable, not bulky. I like the padding on the waistbelt, the shape of the waistbelt is very nice too.
The minimum measurement of the waistbelt is 71cm(28 inch).


I’ve used this carrier underneath my babywearing coats, but I’ve also tried a babywearing cover. Using a cover on a carrier is very easy and makes it possible to let your child out of the carrier without taking your coat off.
The fabric is 100% Öko tex standard 100 certified cotton. There are also Tula carriers made with wrap fabric ‘wrap conversions’. Those are mostly very limited and hard to get, buying one of those might take some practise. The standard Tula’s are available at the Tula shop and at retailers. There are a lot of standard and sometimes limited designs available, to suit your style.


Using the Tula carrier is easy. Buckle the waistbelt, put your child in, close the chestbelt, pull the shoulder straps tight. I always pull the ‘breast feeding straps’ tight at first (at the top of the shoulder straps).
If you want to breastfeed your child in the carrier, you can easily loosen those straps and your child will be a bit lowered. Feeding in a carrier can be easy this way. (With bigger breasts it’s a bit harder to find the perfect positioning).


The carrier only weighs 0,8kg. You can fold it & close the buckle if you want to take it with you. It doesn’t take a lot of room.
The Tula toddler has a pocket on the waistbelt, I haven’t used it though.


I’ve made a video on the ‘walk-like-an-Egyptian’ way to get your child on your back:

Some pictures: 



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