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39,50 euro for the small bag, 49,50 euro for the bigger version

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On March 25, 2015
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If you're looking for a 'simple', but handy bag, to use when your babywearing or even when you're not wearing your baby AND you would love to support two great charity organisations...
This is what you've been looking for!

Tragend.verbunden bag


Tragend verbunden is German for carrying connected (or connected by carrying). It’s a project started by (babywearing) mama’s to support two charities by selling bags.
The good causes that are supported with the proceeds of these bags are Edumoja and ‘Dein Sternenkind’.


Edumoja is a public charity trying to support people in Kenya, their aim is to provide education, not only for teenagers and children but also for adults.
You can read more about their projects on Facebook and on their website.
Dein Sternenkind is a German equivalent of ‘now I lay me down to sleep’, an organisation trying to provide remembrance photography for families suffering the passing of their baby.
100% of the proceeds of the bags will go to these causes, the costs of the fabric has been covered by donations and auctions.


At the moment there are 37 women sewing the bags at home. They share their love for babywearing, which is why they decided to make babywearing bags.
The bags are made with Kikoy fabric, a Kikoy is a traditional hand-woven cloth from Kenya.
The design of this bag is simple, no extra pockets, no zipper, you can tie a knot to close the bag with two (fabric) strings at the middle.


The bag has no additional lining, this makes the bag very light compared to other (babywearing) bags.
It’s reversible, you can wear it inside out if you want to wear another colour!
You can easily fold it up and put it in your smaller bag to unpack it if you need it.


The bags will be available in two sizes, a little one with around 8 liter capacity and a bigger one with around 19 liter capacity.
I really love the big bag, I use it for grocery shopping regularly. Even with a heavier load the straps where still comfortable.
You can tie a double knot or make a slipknot if you want to be able to adjust the length of the straps when wearing.
It’s very easy to use when babywearing, the straps are long enough to wear when you’re wearing your baby (you want the straps to go alongside of your child, not across their back).
My toddler loves the bright colours, I would love to see a ‘childrens-sized’ bag! 🙂


If you’re looking for a ‘simple’, but handy bag, to use when you’re babywearing or even when you’re not wearing your baby AND you would love to support two great charity organisations…
This is what you’ve been looking for!

Tragend.verbunden hopes to start selling their bags soon. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates and more information.


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