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On February 15, 2015
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It's very easy to wrap with, passes glide in to place effortlessly and this wrap doesn't need breaking in. It's not one of my favourites for a knotless finish, because of the lack of grip. This will make a great newborn wrap, I love the soft silky feeling. Has a lot of stretch and is not the best choice for a chunky pre-schooler.

Tekhni Ceres Velveteen
55% cotton, 45% Tencel
approx 290gr/m²
Width: 72cm


Tekhni is a brand from the USA,  ‘born’ in 2013. There’s a experienced babywearing mama behind this brand. She’s a dye artist, graphic & textile designer, with a passion for babywearing. Tekhni has already released a variety of designs in different blends and colorways.

After testing the Tekhni with Repreve, Tekhni offered to send me a tester with Tencel. I had never tried Tencel, so lets start with some information about the material first.


What is Tencel
Tencel/Lyocell is a regenerated cellulosic fiber (like viscose or modal), made from natural polymers (trees in this case). The wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests and Tencel is environmentally-friendly just like Repreve. For the production process from wood to yarn they use a solvent for the woodpulp, which is re-used by almost 100%. Since there is little waste product, this process is relatively eco-friendly. Other environmental benefits are the fact that it’s completely biodegradable (in less then 6 weeks on a compost heap) and the eucalyptes trees (that are used as a source) grow very fast, reach maturity in seven years.
I love that some brands are exploring ‘new’ fibers like Tencel or Repreve.


Back to the wrap and how the Tencel influences the feeling of the fabric!
It’s winter over here, but I’ve heard that Tencel is more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen, which would make it a great wrap for hot (and humid) days.
The wrap is very soft and has an almost silk-like feel and drape. I like the stretch, but it makes the wrap also less supportive.
It doesn’t have the woolie feeling of Repreve, but a nice cush which makes it very comfortable to wear.


The soft lavender colour has a hint of denim blue if you take a closer look. The Ceres design gives the wrap texture, but not a lot of grip.
It’s very easy to wrap with, passes glide in to place effortlessly and this wrap doesn’t need breaking in. It’s not one of my favourites for a knotless finish, because of the lack of grip.
The knot is not bulky and a ring-finish also stays in place perfectly (I used a size M ring).
This will make a great newborn wrap, the soft silky feeling and easy wrapping will probably help you achieve your best kangaroo carry ever!
With my big girl (almost 4 year old & 15 kg+) the wrap wasn’t supportive enough. I’ve used it in multilayer carries, but because of the stretch it feels a lot heavier compared to other wraps and blends.


I’m very tencel-curious now and would love to test one in the summer to see if it really is cooler than linen, it sounds great!
I would recommend a longer size wrap for multilayer carries with heavier children, but with a newborn a shorter size will be great for a kangaroo carry (size 3 or 4).
It’s a good choice for newbie-wrappers as it’s easy to wrap with, but don’t forget to tighten properly because it’s not the most forgiving wrap.


Ceres Velveteen has already been released, but I think there will be more wraps with Tencel in the future.
Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more information and updates.


Some pictures: 
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