Starlinghouse Kamala Neki (viscose/linen)

At first sight it really is like wrapping with a scarf. A bit like the scarves you could buy as a souvenir on a holiday in Italy.
The wrap is very thin, and the 4 colour-weft makes it change his colours like a chameleon. The green changes to blue, depending on the angle and light. It’s a linen/viscose blend, it feels a bit slippery and it’s pretty hard to tighten it properly. It’s soft already. It’s thin like a Hoppediz Pune, but eventhought it’s stronger my first wrapjobs were still saggy 🙁

After a couple of washes it was so much better, not so slippery anymore. I have tested this wrap with my toddler and my baby and I even went for a 2 hour walk with my toddler. I was expecting a more supportive wrap (because of the linen), but if you do a REALLY neat wrap job, or use a multi layer carry, it’s okay. I think I won’t recommend it for a toddler, I would definitely prefer something with more support.

Then there is the length. It’s 5m and I felt a bit overwhelmed with this much fabric. After a couple of tries I found out it makes a perfect Ruck + scarf combo. It looks very pretty and it was actually pretty comfortable. A nice way to keep yourself and your baby warm on a autumn day.

I didn’t think this design was ‘me’, but once wrapped it doesn’t look that bad. Chance of setting makes it look less ‘Bollywood’ and just shows of the pretty autumnal colors and cute fringe!





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