Solnce Fenix
Solnce Fenix

Solnce Fenix (53% Combed Merino & 47% Egyptian Cotton)

At the first touch it feels like cashmere, which I love! It’s a medium wrap, not very thick, but very supportive (I tried it in a lot of carries!). It’s very cushy on the shoulders, easy to wrap with and I keep trying to imagine how soft this wrap will get as it is broken in.

It is a bit wider then my Oscha’s and Pavo’s, which I like. (72cm)
(I prefer a wider wrap because my baby is getting bigger)

This wrap is grippy, moldable, toddler worthy, I love this blend!

I would love some bold colors, but this color is perfect for everyday use.

I will definitely try to get my hands on a Solnce Merino blend!

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