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Solnce Cobra Lazaward (= blue):
47% ecru Egyptian cotton, 53% azure combed merino
270 gr/m2

Solnce Cobra Wisteria (=purple):
47% ecru Egyptian cotton, 36% baby merino, 10% silk, 6% cashmere
270 gr/m2

Tandemwearing - Solnce Cobra
Tandemwearing – Solnce Cobra

Dutch brand Solnce released her first wraps, she started of with the Cobra design. I love this design and as I prefer bold colors, the blue one (lazaward) is my favorite!
Even though Cobra Lazaward is the same blend as the Fenix I tested for a while, this wraps very different.
This design has a lot of structure, which makes it less fluffy and probably very, very, very big kid worthy.

I hope I don’t offend someone by comparing to Kokadi but I think this is the easiest way to explain how different some designs wrap. If you’ve ever tried a ‘in wonderland’ wrap and a ‘scales’ wrap you know what a difference the design can make. It can be a disappointment if you expect fluffiness and all you get is a beast. 🙂 (that is how I feel about Kokadi Nixe)

Don’t let this scare you off, after a couple of washes Cobra is already starting to get softer. The Cobra’s aren’t scratchy, they are easy to handle, I would even recommend these 2 blends to inexperienced wrappers. (Cobra is also released in some other blends, baby yak and baby alpaca, baby yak is a bit harder to handle because of its weight.)

If someone would ask me to compare this to another brand I would probably say it’s a bit like Pavo Etini. A heavy, blankety feeling, drapery, you want to snuggly up in this wrap if you touch it!
It will rock as a toddler wrap, but it is also perfect for my little baby, the blend will keep us warm and cozy in the winter. The design fits perfectly in my stash (I love animal print!), it’s unlike any other designs I’ve ever seen.


Solnce Cobra Lazaward
Solnce Cobra Lazaward





Solnce cobra wisteria
Solnce cobra wisteria

Look at this texture:

Wisteria & Lazaward look at this texture! Wisteria - wrong side out

Did you notice my picture on the Solnce website?

Wisteria panorama

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