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“Q” von der schönen Lau

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On October 18, 2014
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This is a great wrap for a toddler, I wouldn't recommend it for a newborn baby. Maybe once it's broken in, but that might take a while.
It’s a great rucksack wrap, it will rock one layer carries!

Wauggl Bauggl “Q” von der schönen Lau
100% combed cotton

Wauggl Bauggl is a new (machine woven) brand from Austria. The first design is named ‘Q’ and there are some testers in different colors. I’m not really into the cow design, but the color I received is stunning. A rich, deep, blue tone! The packaging is perfect, the wrap came in a star-fabric bag with a matching lavender filled scent bag. I love the smell of lavender!

About the design: I know some people love cows and I’m not one of those people ;).
Sorry! It took me a while until I noticed the heart-shaped eyes which are a funny detail. Because of the placement of the design the wrap has to be worn the right way up, the cows would be having a hangover otherwise. I love the contrast with the white side. it’s a bright white instead of ecru which you often see in wraps.

This wrap is a true working horse, maybe working cow would be a better name in this case. The wrap is pretty thick, not soft from the start. After some work it’s surprisingly easy to wrap with and feels comfortable in one-layer carries. A good (steam) iron is needed, I think you will need to spend some more time with ironing and wearing before this cow is tamed. It’s grippy, so making high back passes might be a bit harder and the first few wears I finished my carry with a half knot instead of a double one.

After a few wears and ironing the wrap already felt a bit more moldable. It’s not a wrap I would chose for complicated carries, as even a sweetheart chest pass would still be quite a workout at the moment. I’m really looking forward to see how much this wrap changes as soon as it’s broken in.
It’s a great rucksack wrap and it will rock one-layer carries!
It’s not very cushy, but supportive and comfortable even with a heavier child.

The weave is not prone to pulls at all, together with the material (all-cotton) this makes a nice ‘beater’ wrap. It’s also easy to care for. You can throw these cows in the washing machine if the tails have been hanging in a mud puddle. The middle markers are the Wauggl Bauggl logo, small and cute. For the initial release there will be other yarns used which are GOTS certified.
This is a great wrap for a toddler, I wouldn’t recommend it for a newborn baby. Maybe once it’s broken in, but that might take a while.

You can find Wauggl Bauggl on Facebook, the first release is coming soon!

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