100% mercerized cotton
around 150 euro for a size 6 (pricing is in USD)

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On November 16, 2014
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It's a medium weight wrap, suitable for both newborn babies and toddlers. I love the grip, perfect for a knotless finish!
Don't let the elegant look fool you, it's a great everyday wrap!

Tekhni Portico Earth

100% mercerized cotton
weight approx 255g/m²

Tekhni is a brand from the USA,  ‘born’ in 2013. There’s a experienced babywearing mama behind this brand. She’s a dye artist, graphic & textile designer, with a passion for babywearing. Tekhni has already released a variety of designs in different blends and colorways.


Portico Earth was the first wrap to sell on Etsy, in December last year. (Almost) one year ago, I already liked this colorway in combination with the weave, you really can see the great potential of this weave. My expectations were high and I was excited to try the wrap now, (almost) one year late.


The combination of steel-grey and graphite looks great! The mercerized cotton has a beautiful shine and I think the weave has a elegant & classy look, with a little bit more attitude. I was a little bit scared that the weave would be prone to pulls but it isn’t. It would actually be one of the wraps I wouldn’t mind hanging with the tails in the mud, being used as a swing or to play with. Washing & caring for this wrap is easy. Don’t let the elegant look fool you, it’s a great everyday wrap!


I love how moldable it is. I can’t judge how it was from the start, because it has been travelling for a while before it arrived at my place, but it’s soft with a nice grip now! I’ve heard that most Tekhni’s need some breaking in, but it’s well worth the work is what I can say now. This tester is soft! It has less bounce than I expected, which is nice for heavier children.
It’s a medium weight wrap, suitable for both newborn babies and toddlers. I love the grip, perfect for a knotless finish! This wrap will stay where you put it, which makes the wrapping a little bit harder (the passes don’t slide in to place like some other wraps do), but it’s still a wrap that’s suitable for inexperienced babywearers (at least once it’s broken in.) It’s not hard to get a neat wrapjob, for the second backpass of your double hammock you might need a couple of tries (to get it high enough), but my rucksack carry was in place without any effort. Especially the knotless Tibetan finish is something I can recommend!


If you love grip, Portico would be a great choice. You could finish your carry with a half knot and it would stay in place. If you need a smooth wrap, where passes slide in to place easily, don’t choose Portico. I think it would shine in a size 4 / 5. Rucksack (Tibetan) here we come!
Portico has been released in other colorways too, but Earth is my favorite.
This colorway wouldn’t be my choice for hot weather/sun, you could check out Portico Heaven (a shiny silvery white sister of Earth) for the sunny days.


Tekhni sells their wraps on Etsy, with a little bit of luck you might find a short Portico in stock there! 🙂
Otherwise: keep an eye on their Facebook page for new designs, blends and colorways!



Some pictures: 

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Crappy wrapjob, but O, how comfortable it still was!! 🙂


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