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Medium weight wrap, softens up very quickly, easy to wrap with.
Wouldn't recommend it for a knotless finish, nice for a small baby but also supportive enough to wear your toddler.

Solnce Tripoly tester
100% combed Egyptian Cotton (265 gr/m²)

I have tried Solnce all cotton wraps before, but this one is totally different.
The first all (egyptian) cotton testers were heavier, sturdy and needed some breaking in (a lot of work probably).
This tester is the first with combed Egyptian cotton and it’s less dense.
The turquoise colour gives it a fresh and appealing look and the new ‘Tripoly’ design looks nice in this colourway.

The Tripoly design is inspired by the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture, an archaeological culture in Eastern Europe.
Their pottery was decorated with similar patterns, spirals, egg-shaped motifs and other symbols reflecting their ancient beliefs.

This medium weight wrap softens up very quickly and is easy to wrap with, not stiff at all.
Post-wash you will see the texture of this pattern popping up, it needs some ironing but I love it when wraps look like that post-wash!
The pattern doesn’t provide as much grip as I was expecting.
This is a smooth wrap, not slippery when wrapping but it just doesn’t have enough grip to stay in place with a knotless finish (and a heavy toddler)

It’s a nice wrap for a small baby, soft and moldable, I think it will get even softer than it is just now.
It’s supportive enough for a comfortable rucksack carry with my little girl (9.5kg/21lbs), but with my big girl (15kg/33lbs) I prefer a multi layer carry.
The wrap measures 74cm in width, which is nice for bigger kids.

This is a (long) size 6 and it really shines in this size. Trying a new carry or improving your Double Hammock saltwater?
This is a wrap that glides in place effortlessly, making (high) backpasses is very easy and the knot is nice and small.
The tester only has one middle marker, I would prefer two. (*Solnce just informed me the new wraps will have two middlemarkers!) The design of the middle marker seems to have changed. (pictures are below ….)
I like it better this way, not sewn on the wrap, but the label is in the seam so you can feel it when you’re wrapping.
It would be great if the wrap would have one rail sewn the other way, so the wrap doesn’t have a ‘wrong’ side.

You can follow Solnce on facebook, the wraps are released on their website.

Some pictures:

New middle marker:
Old middle marker:

Post wash texture:






family picture!
family picture!

You can find more pictures here and here

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