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cushy, fluffy, cozy, very soft! beautiful colour and nice blend for the upcoming fall and winter.
Triweave = love!

Solnce Genesis 3-weave tester

51% Egyptian cotton
28% wool
21% linen

A tri-weave is a wrap with two wefts.
It might not sound very special, but it definitely is!
If you feel a tri-weave for the first time, you might think that it’s thick and heavy.
Yes, it feels like a thicker wrap, its weight and texture are something you won’t find in the normal weave… but you will probably love it!

This is the second Solnce tri-weave tester that I got to try for a review.
The first one was an Egyptian cotton and linen blend and I said I would love some wool or cashmere added for that extra fluffy and cushy feeling.
I got what I asked for…. wool!

The tester was already worn, but I think it has been very soft from the start.
It feels very wooly without being prickly. I love the combination of the fuzzy wool and strong linen.
This wrap is easy to wrap with, it might be a bit thick and overwhelming for a newborn, but I gave it a try with a beautiful little baby girl and I loved it.

It’s the perfect wrap for the upcoming fall and it looked great with blooming heather in the background.
This wrap makes a thick knot, but it’s not bulky. I prefer a knotless finish to avoid the thicker knot .
The wrap is very forgiving, even a sloppy wrap job will be comfortable.
This wrap doesn’t slide from your shoulders, it stays in place without tying it off with a tibetan finish.
This wooly genesis truly lived up to my expectations: perfect cush! It feels like a cloud on your shoulders… soft and cozy!

This is a perfect ruck wrap in every way, even for heavier children. This wrap is supportive and just like I said in my other review: if you wrap a preschooler, you need a tri-weave!
It’s so comfortable, especially with a heavier child.

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