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Even the sloppiest wrapjob feels very comfortable in this wrap, this triweave is a great big-kid wrap.
It has a nice grip, perfect for a knotless wrapjob (to avoid big knots).
I would love some more cush (need a blend with wool!)

Solnce Genesis 3-weave tester

48% purple combed Egyptian cotton
34% Bordeaux-purple combed Egyptian cotton
18% white linen
310 gr/m²

A triweave is a wrap with two wefts; it might not sound very special, but it definitely is!
If you feel a triweave for the first time, you might think that it’s thick & heavy.
Yes, it feels like a thicker wrap, it has a weight and texture you won’t find in the normal weave… but you will probably love it!

The wrap came to me washed (not ironed) and I didn’t expect it to be soft (at all).
I don’t like most machine woven wraps with linen because they need some time to get soft.
I have too many wraps to spend a lot of time breaking a beautiful wrap in if it’s too beastly.
I don’t mind if it takes a couple of wears, ironing, sitting, braiding, but it must not be more than that.
Well, this wrap was already pretty soft, for a linen blend.
Probably due to the combed Egyptian cotton, which is softer than normal Egyptian cotton.
I’ve had the wrap for a couple of weeks now and it’s so soft already, very lovely!

About the wrapping qualities: Despite the weight and heavy feeling, this wrap is very moldable and, after a few wears, it’s noticeably softer and easier to wrap with.
The knot is thick, but not extremely bulky. If I know that I will be wearing my toddler or baby for over 4 hours I take a triweave wrap with me.
There is just nothing around that does a better job than that. That could be this Solnce, but also one of my other triweave wraps.
My triweave wraps from Artipoppe (different blends) are thicker and have more cush.
This wrap would need some cashmere or wool for that extra fluffy and cushy feeling on your shoulder, too!

I know that there is a tester around with some wool in it, and I think that that would be just perfect for a triweave.
The genesis pattern provides a nice grip in this blend, which makes it nice for a knotless finish (which I love for avoiding thick knots).
The purple colour is stunning in person; I think the triweave makes every colour look more vibrant than a normal weave would.

The wrap is very easy to wrap with.
I must say that I’m used to wrapping with thicker wraps now and even in the sloppiest wrapjob this wrap would still feel very comfortable.
Compared to my Artipoppe triweaves this wrap isn’t very thick, but it’s the texture/body of the wrap which gives it a thick feeling.
After a (short) period of breaking in this wrap would also be suitable for a newborn baby, but I would say it mostly is a big-kid wrap.
The kind of wrap you start using when your baby isn’t a newborn anymore and which lasts until your babywearing days are over.

If you are wrapping a pre schooler, you just need to try a triweave – it’s just a new league for wraps.
They all feel very different and the (sometimes almost exotic) combinations of different blends are very interesting!
I really hope I get the chance to try a Solnce triweave with a little bit of wool or maybe silk.
Just a bit more cush would be perfect, but until then I’m perfectly happy with this piece of purple in my stash

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Some pictures:


the tag
the tag
close up (not true colour)
close up (not true colour)

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