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On February 27, 2014
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It's soft from the start, it has Fenix's cush and Cobra's grip.
The most perfect Solnce wrap yet in my opinion! It's not too thick, feels like clouds on your shoulders

Solnce Croco
(melange merino / Egyptian Cotton)

This is a new design of Solnce, it looks great next to cobra and the melange merino is very intriguing. The merino yarn has different colours, it looks very lively and suits this design very well.
I’m not sure about the scale, I think I would prefer it to be a bit larger, but I also think it would change the wrapping qualities (less grip).


Croco feels like a crossover of Cobra Lazaward & the Fenix tester (both merino blends). It’s soft from the start, it has Fenix’s cush and Cobra’s grip.
The most perfect Solnce wrap yet in my opinion! It’s not too thick, feels like clouds on your shoulders 🙂


It is grippy, but making a knot is easy. I tried the wrap in different carries and Ruck tibetan with a scarf finish was my favorite with my baby.
A nice way to keep yourself and your baby warm in the winter! The wrap is supportive enough to carry my toddler over hours and it’s not slippery at all.


It feels less heavy than cobra, it’s easy to wrap with, which makes it a good choice for inexperienced wrappers. (The other merino wraps are also suitable for inexperienced wrappers).
The merino isn’t scratchy at all, it’s soft straight from the bag. After one wash it fluffed up more than Cobra did. If I had to pick my favorite it would definitely be croco!


This tester will be visiting other mamas, if you want to read their experiences and opinions, you should join the Solnce group on Facebook.


Some pictures:


melange merino
melange merino
showing the wrong side
showing the wrong side
grumpy baby
grumpy baby






you can find more pictures here

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