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On August 23, 2014
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Solid, supportive, needs some work to get soft. Very grippy, making high backpasses can be hard with this wrap.

Pollora Iceflower

100% cotton – size 5

I had the pleasure to try one of the first Pollora Fairies testers in 2013. The tester back then somehow didn’t impress me very much. It was a nice, solid wrap, not soft and a lack of cush but supportive. Maybe it was the design or maybe I was blinded by other brands around that time . For my tutorials I like to add different brands, to show what’s around, how they wrap and how pretty they are.

Now I received a new tester called “Iceflower”. I like this design and the colour of iceflower is very ‘me’. After a wash I gave it a first try. It was exactly like I remember the Fairies, maybe a bit softer and thicker, but it has been a long time so I can’t tell for sure if I’m right on how thin the Fairies were. Iceflower is a ‘medium’ wrap, similar to Kokadi and Fidella, some Natibaby or Fräulein Hübsch wraps. Of course they don’t all have the same ”thickness”, but they resemble each other closely.

This wrap isn’t soft from the start. After washing and ironing, it gets better but it needs some proper wearing before it feels noticeably softer. It has been here for a couple of weeks now and I think it’s ‘broken in’ now. It’s softer and has a nice grip, maybe a bit too grippy which makes it harder to make high backpasses.

The top rail is sewn the other way as the bottom rail, which makes the wrap not have a ‘wrong’ side. This wrap looks great in a reinforced carry or any other carry that shows off both sides. Even though this wrap is supportive, I didn’t like it in a single-layer carry with my heavy toddler. With my youngest girl it did a great job, but even in a multi-layer carry it wouldn’t be my pick for a longer (1 hour+) walk. With her weight (15kg) I needed to wrap carefully and spread the wrap perfectly on my shoulders to make it comfortable. With my youngest I didn’t experience any problems like that.

Pollora sells limited editions on their website. They release new colourways of old designs but also some new designs every now and then.

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