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On September 1, 2014
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If you're looking for the right wrap for your baby that just started walking, this is a great choice. A short wrap will be perfect to put in your bag and you can wear your baby in it when he/she is tired. Supportive, nice for summer and matches almost every outfit!

Oscha starry night raven
50% linen, 50% cotton
width 70cm

Starry night is THE oscha pattern for me. It’s available in many colourways and blends. I’ve already owned and tried a couple but this will be the first to review. Starry Night Raven is a linen blend. 50% linen and 50% cotton. I’m not the biggest linen fan because I hate it if a wrap needs a lot of work to get soft. Linen can be pretty ‘beastly’ in the beginning. Raven is a little stiff brand-new, not intimidating but also not very inviting. After a wash and (steam)iron you can already feel that this wrap is getting softer.
Raven has some irregularities, the ‘wrong’ side has some thicker threads. This is normal for linen and doesn’t affect safety. It’s something some people like. It gives a wrap some character, but I just wanted to point it out for those who don’t like it.

This wrap is thin and airy and f it wouldn’t be for the colour I would say it’s a nice summer wrap (but hey, you can wear a dark wrap in summer too, no problem!). The best thing about linen is the support. This one is a size 2 and it’s the perfect shorty for heavier baby/toddler! Just like every thin wrap you might need to make sure that you wrap a little bit neater, but with my 9.5kg baby it didn’t hurt my shoulders in a far from perfect RRRR.

The knots aren’t bulky. This wrap is perfect for a slipknot and makes a very nice small knot. I’ve tried different shorty carries with this wrap. My favorite is the RRRR because it shows both side of this wrap and after a few wears this wrap is getting a lot easier to wrap with. The first times is was pretty tricky to get the second back pass up high enough and tighten the pass. Due to the fabric still being a bit stiff,  it didn’t glide easily. With the wrap getting softer it’s getting easier to wrap with and it can glide smoothly now :).

I think my wrap isn’t fully broken in yet, but it’s soft already. I’m very curious to see how soft it will get. I can see why Raven is a favorite for someone as soon as it’s fully broken in. Everybody is looking for the perfect support, softness and ease in one wrap. This wrap has it all! It might be too thin for some people, but I think this is the perfect thickness for this blend. As soon as it’s broken in, you will love it with your newborn. I think a shorty is perfect for a walking baby or toddler. This wrap doesn’t take much space in your hand bag and/or will look great as a scarf.

The deep black colour matches every outfit because it can look classy, cool, modern and/or fun, depending on your outfit. I prefer the right side, but the wrong side has a little bit more shine.




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