100% combed cotton
around 126 euro (pricing is in CZK)

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On November 23, 2014
Last modified:May 29, 2017


Shiny, airy, easy to wrap with. Soft after washing & ironing. A great choice for beginners and a newborn baby, but also nice for experienced wearers (to practise new finishes) and heavier kids. I would recommend a multilayer carry for heavier children.

Omnifera Wings of Desire Cassiel
100% combed cotton

Omnifera is a new brand, a small family business. The company is located in the Czech Republic, a country with a rich history in textile production. The wraps are designed and made there.
The mama behind this brand is an active architect, which shines through in the fresh clear modern designs.


Wings of Desire Cassiel is made with 100% combed cotton and has a non chemical finish. The wrap came packed in a mesh bag, I like nice packaging!
After a wash & iron the wrap was already very soft. It has a shine that I only knew from mercerized cotton, so it surprised me a little bit that it’s ‘just’ combed cotton.
I would say the wrap is on the thinner side of medium, but supportive and with little stretch.
Post wash it looked very textured, but after ironing the wrap is smooth and moldable.
This colourway works great for this design. It looks very elegant and angelic.


This wrap makes a nice small knot and a perfect slipknot. I think it would work great as a shorty for slipknot carries, or if you have a longer size maybe a FWCC tied at shoulder with a slipknot (for breastfeeding!).
The passes glide in to place easily, wrapping with this wrap is very easy, great for beginners.
The wrap is 73cm wide, which is a comfortable width if you’re wrapping a bigger child too.
Wings of Desire Cassiel will make a great summer wrap, it’s airy, not thick and the colour is a good choice for a sunny day.


It did a great job in a multilayer carry with my big girl (15kg+), but I wouldn’t use it in a rucksack carry with her weight.
With my ‘little’ girl (9,5kg) I have used it in a rucksack carry tied tibetan, it was fine but I prefer a second layer.
This wrap will be a great newborn wrap and will still be comfortable once your baby is a toddler.

I would either pick a short wrap for slipknot carries, or a longer wrap for a bigger child and multilayer carries.
Learning new carries will be easy with this wrap and especially experimenting with finishes (saltwater, half saltwater, candycane chestbelt) will be nice with this wrap!


Somebody asked what my secret on softening this beauty was, but to be honest: there is no secret! I only washed & ironed it, wrapped it and it was soft.
If you have hard water it might take some more time, but steam ironing really is the most important thing I think.
The wrap has two middlemarkers with the Omnifera ‘O’. They are simple & small, I like simplicity.
The angel wing design is modern & fresh, I’m looking forward to see what other designs they will come up with!

You can find more information about releases on the Omnifera Facebook page. 


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