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Perfect for beginners with a newborn baby. The rails are sewn with different yarn, to tell the top rail apart from the bottom rail, which makes it easier to learn (new) carries.
Suprisingly supportive and pretty airy.

Manduca sling – elastic jersey wrap ( ‘stretchy’ )

I must admit that I had some prejudices about stretchy wraps.
I never owned one, didn’t even consider it for my second baby because I didn’t see any reason to pick a stretchy wrap over my woven wraps.
(take a look here to read some information about stretchy wraps in general)

When I got the offer to try a Manduca stretchy I was really surprised.
A stretchy? With my 1,5 year old baby? Are you sure?
Okay, my 1.5 year old baby weighs only 9.5kg (21lbs).
It’s not even close to the weight limit (15kg/33lbs tested) of the manduca sling.
For a comfortable fit it’s recommended until approx. 9kgs (20lbs) as I read on the Wickelkinder website (it’s a Wickelkinder product).

About the Manduca sling:

The Manduca sling is made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, it’s a bi-elastic jersey sling where the width has stretch.
The wrap doesn’t have any stretch in the length or diagonally.
It’s 5.50m long and 60cm wide (approx. weight 180g/m), the tapers are long to make a nice small knot.
The Manduca sling has a top seam in a different colour, which makes it easy to tell the top rail and bottom rail apart. Perfect for beginners!
It’s available in different colours.

I took it along to our monthly sling meet and wanted to wrap with the supervision and help of a babywearing consultant because of my lack of experience with stretchy wraps.
We tried it in the PWCC (pre-tied carry) and the FWCC with spread out layers.
I know some consultants will only show the PWCC, but Manduca recommends a 3-layer hip carry, the FWCC (spread out!) and the PWCC equally.
Always use a 3-layer carry and never use this wrap for a back carry!

I prefer the wrap in the FWCC (spread out), because it’s easier to tighten it properly once you get the hang of it.
The pre-tied carry was a bit of a struggle for me because you need to find the perfect balance between (pre)wrapping very tightly and being able to put your child in it without carrying your baby to high.
The instructions say it’s tested for kids up to 15kg (33lbs) so I even had a go with my toddler.
The support really suprised me. The wrap feels very snug and tight if you take the time to tighten it properly.

I tried a Moby stretchy at the sling meet and it was less supportive and thicker/warmer. The Manduca sling feels more airy.
My little girl has a grabbing phase, which is the reason that I mostly wear her on my back.
Her little sharp nails already resulted in a couple of scars.
For me her weight wouldn’t be the reason to prefer a woven wrap, but her nails definitely are.
The fact that I can’t wear her on my back with this wrap is the biggest disadvantage.
After a few weeks with this wrap I came to the conclusion that I can see why some people love a stretchy for their newborn baby.
I would love to try some other brands over a longer period, to compare them, but I can say this wrap is very supportive and I love the different rail colours to tell them apart when wrapping.
Wrap nice and tightly and you won’t be disappointed.

You can find more information about this wrap at wickelkinder

some pictures:

learning the Pocket Wrap Cross carry
learning the Pocket Wrap Cross carry




practising the FWCC (one layer isn't spread out because of the 'label' )
practising the FWCC (one layer isn’t spread out because of the ‘label’ )

You can find more pictures here:


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