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On September 9, 2014
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This wrap is very moldable and easy to wrap with. Phoenix will be perfect for summer, it's light and airy. This is a nice all-rounder wrap, great in every size. After a short breaking in period it will be great for a newborn too!

Petite sirène Phoenix
48% ecru peruvian pima-cotton 52% pink egyptian cotton with extra long staples
245 g/m²

One year ago, the brand Linuschka was mainly known for high quality handwoven wraps. But with the release of high quality machinewoven wraps in great blends and nice designs, Linuschka made itself well-known as a machine-woven brand too.  I’ve been testing three designs: owls, mermaids (petite sirène) and boutons.
The first time I tried this mermaids design, I wasn’t blown away by the design (but I loved the wrapping qualities and fell in love with the wrap!). Now, months later, I see mermaids instead of ‘naked ladies’ and appreciate the design. I love this pink colourway!

This wrap has Linuschkas signature 100% peruvian pima cotton warp. Peruvian Pima cotton is an extra long staple (ELS) cotton, primarily grown in Peru. Pima cotton is shorter than egyptian cotton but it’s softer than normal cotton. The weft is 100% Egyptian Cotton and makes an even softer and stronger wrap.

Phoenix is soft from the start and will soften up even more after a wash. Iron it and you will feel the difference!
This wrap is very moldable and easy to wrap with. Even though it takes a few wears to get softer, breaking this beauty in won’t take a lot of effort. Most Linuschkas are on the thinner side, but this one is definitely supportive enough for your toddler. Phoenix will be perfect for summer, it’s light and airy. These mermaids are very forgiving, even in a sloppy wrapjob it will still be comfortable. It will be a nice wrap for beginners and after breaking in it will be great for your newborn baby.

The pattern provides a nice grip and this wrap is great in a knotless tibetan finish. I used this wrap in a tandem carry (together with petite sirène Adele) and used this one for my toddler (with the other wrap through the straps). It was very comfortable on my shoulders. Cushy! My wrapjob wasn’t perfect and my kids are pretty heavy together but the mermaids passed the test. Approved! 😉

This is a nice all-rounder wrap, great in every size. Pick a longer size if you prefer multi layer carries or grab a shorty, whatever you choose, it will be perfect!

This colourway has already been release, but I hope there will be more mermaids in the future.
The releases are very limited, they sell on etsy, and the releases are announced on their Facebook page.

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