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On November 13, 2014
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Body is not adjustable in height or width. Very affordable, different designs available. I would say this is a 'baby size' carrier, my little girl is already outgrowing this carrier. Detachable hood, long (2m) straps. Very little padding, but surprisingly comfortable.

Liliputi Mei-Tai

Mei Tai ‘Elegance’



Waist padding
Height of the waist padding (in the middle)
Waist band complete length
Shoulderstraps padding length
Shoulderstraps padding width
complete lenght
Body widthBody height



Carrier type

Body adjustable in height

Body adjustable in width




Mei Tai



25.5 inch
3.9 inch
78.7 inch
15.7 inch
3.9 inch
78.7 inch
12.8 inch16.5 inch







This is a very affordable carrier, with the perfect look to match your Liliputi coat, booties or pocket belt.
The body is not adjustable at all and with a width of only 32cm it’s not the right choice for a toddler. You can use it from newborn (but I would say from 3 months is better!) up to 15kg, you can compensate  the problems with the width a little bit by using the shoulder straps spread out over your childs bottom to support the legs.
It’s easy to tie, the straps are not very padded but still comfortable. The length of 2m makes it the perfect size for mom and (a tall) dad, but I felt a little bit overwhelmed with the long straps. (I’m only 1.68m)
The carrier complies with the European Safety Norm EN 13209-2:2006.
You can use the carrier for front, back and hip carries. You need to tie the waist and the shoulder straps, which is easy and quick.
This carrier is available in many prints and colours to suit your style.


My little girl wears size 80, is almost 2 years old and I could use the shoulder straps to support her legs, but the wide of the bodypanel was just not big enough for her anymore. But: not every carrier has to fit for the whole babywearing period and there are a lot of toddler carriers around and I think baby size carriers are needed too.
This carrier has a nice price (around 55euro), which makes it a nice option to start with if you’re looking for a mei tai style carrier for your baby.


Not suitable for bigger children, but from 3-18 months it will probably be fine. Off course I’ve tested it with my babywearing dolls and we had fun 😉

You can buy it at the Liliputi shop or at a retailer in your country.

Some pictures: 



Without the shoulderstraps OVER the legs:


With the shoulderstraps OVER the legs:


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