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On September 18, 2014
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Great for winter, suitable for use with backcarries, frontcarries and during pregnancy. Might be a bit too warm when it's not freezing outside.
Love the frontpockets (warm hands!). A bit narrow around the chest.

Liliputi Babywearing Mama Coat
‘elegance’ (design)

The Liliputi babywearing coat is produced and designed in Hungary, it’s a high quality jacket and you will feel that once you wear it. This coat is designed to be used with front or backcarries and you can buy an extra pregnancy insert to use it as a maternity coat. The SoftShell outer fabric makes sure the coat is windproof and water resistant and the inner lining (Micro-Polar) will keep you cozy & warm.
The two front pockets also have the cozy inner lining, which is perfect to keep your hands warm if you don’t wear gloves! You can decide to close the front pockets and the coat will look different.
I love the design-details on those pockets and the hoodie. You can buy a matching pocketbelt, carrier or even a bag.

The coat has a removable hoodie for mama, just zip it on (or off), two side pockets with a zipper, one hidden pocket on the inside and zippers under the armpits to make dressing easier. You can pull the bottom of the coat tighter if you’re not wearing a baby, which creates a nicer shape for me.
The coat is fitted tight, if you’re blessed with bigger breasts please check the measurements before you buy this coat. For me a size M is already feeling a bit tight around the chest area, with a tibetan finished back carry the knot would definitely be in the way.

The coat is easy to use. For a front carry you can easily zip the insert in, adjust the width and you’re ready to go. You can put it on just like every normal coat.
Putting the insert in for a back carry might be a bit trickier. You need to zip it in and close some buttons. Make sure to leave the two center buttons unused to leave some space for your child’s head. I’ve made a video which might be helpful the first time.
Putting the coat on can be done in two ways. You need to give it a try to find out which way you (and your child) prefer. The Liliputi coat has zippers in the armpits, you can open them to create some space for easier dressing. Open them, put jacket over your child’s head, put your arms through the sleeves and close the zippers. For undressing the zippers are great. Once opened, you can easily get your arms out of the sleeves and take the coat of.

I’ve been used to putting a babywearing coat on/off without those zippers so I don’t use them all the time. I’ve made a tutorial video on both versions, just give it a try and decide for yourself.

The Liliputi coat is pretty heavy. It ways around 2kg, which is heavier than my normal winter coat. I also found it to be warm. Even though it’s breathable I wouldn’t wear it on a warmer fall day. For a cold and snowy winter it will be great. Here in Germany we can have snow from November until early April, with freezing temperatures. I think this coat will be perfect for a ‘true’ winter!
The thumb-holes in the sleeves will make sure no wind will get in and I think even without gloves you’ll be fine when you put your hands in the front pockets!

If you’re living somewhere where it gets really cold and you’ll need something to keep you and your baby warm, this is a great option. I love the fact that it’s long, but I think it’s not very flattering for my figure. I’m not very tall, it makes me look even smaller. I would love a bit more room at the chest and maybe a string to pull the waist tighter, to add some shape! 🙂

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Backcarry with zipper

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