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Nice toddler wrap, don't be scared off by the texture, this wrap is very cushy and a supportive rucksack wrap for a big kid.
It's pretty forgiving and suitable for all levels of experience.

Kokoskaa Royal Quill Luna
100% cotton – 295 g/m2

Never judge a book by its cover… At first glance this wrap had such pronounced texture, I thought it would be extremely grippy and hard to make a knot with.
I also thought it would be pretty beastly and not a nice wrap for my little girl, but when I took this wrap in hand (it was already washed and worn), I was surprised by the feel.
It seemed to be pretty similar to a Pavo Etini, but with more stretch and very moldable.

I tried this wrap in different carries. I had a size 7 so I could try some variations.
My favorite was a normal rucksack tied tibetan. I think this wrap would shine in a shorter size for a rucksack tied in front or even a ruck tied under bum.
It’s very cushy on the shoulders and supportive enough for a one layer carry with a bigger kid.
I liked it in a double hammock variation too (with a sling ring), making the second back pass was easier than I expected and tightening the chestpass went very smoothly .

It’s a nice ‘marshmallowy’ wrap. The knot is medium thick and this wrap provides enough grip for a nice knotless finish, too. It isn’t prone to pulls at all.
The weave is tight but airy, perfect for every time of the year. If you have picky shoulders you will love the cush.
This wrap is suitable for all levels of experience. It’s pretty forgiving and tightening your wrap will not make you sweat .

Royal Quill makes a nice toddler wrap. Either in a shorty for ruck variations or as a longer wrap if you want to make a fancy double hammock variation (which will look great for sure!).
Don’t be scared off by the texture, it won’t take ages to break this beauty in. A quick wash and some ironing and you’re ready to go.
After some carries you will notice the difference and you can feel why I would recommend this for every age. I think it would be nice for newborns too.

Some pictures:

Back shot
Back shot
happy family
happy family


Kokoskaa sells their wraps on
You can find info on pricing and releases on their facebook page: kokoskaa on facebook


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