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A hybrid stretchy, suitable for backcarries. Perfect hot pink colour, supportive, feels like a second skin! You might need some practice for a tight back carry!
(would love to give it 4.5 stars, but can't give 1/2 stars with this plugin ... 🙂 )

JPMBB (je porte mon bebe) – hybrid wrap
cotton(95%), spandex(5%)

A while ago I posted a picture of my first stretchy-wrap experience on my Facebook page, asking people to share their experiences.
A lot of mamas commented how much they love their JPMBB, even with a heavier child. It made me really curious and eager to try one myself, to see what the fuss is about.

JPMBB is not a normal stretchy, it’s a hybrid. It’s not a 100% cotton wrap like other brands, but has 5% spandex which gives it the stretch without being saggy. Most stretchy wraps only stretch in one direction, this wrap stretches horizontally, vertically and diagonally. This gives more support and makes it possible to use the wrap in different carries than you’re used to with a stretchy. Like a two layer carry (double hammock, cross carry), reinforced kangaroo, or for back carries. In comparison, a normal stretchy is only suitable for 3-layer carries and I would NEVER recommend a back carry with a stretchy.

The wrap arrived on a beautiful hot day in Italy and at first touch I was very skeptical.
It had a lot of stretch which I didn’t expect. It also felt thicker than the Manduca stretchy I tried. My first back carry was a huge fail. My little girl kept her arms out and wanted to test how far she could stretch the carry by flipping backwards. Of course I made sure there was someone around to support her and I was holding her legs to prevent any accidents.

My second carry was a lot better. I watched some tutorials for this wrap and picked a ‘normal’ double hammock. My first (falied) backcarry was the four-handed back carry – a pre-tied PWCC on my back – from their leaflet, which I had never tried before. Wrapped in a DH, my little girl was asleep in no time and the wrap felt pretty tight and comfortable. A little bit hot, but it was more airy than I had expected from the first touch.

After watching several tutorials, a double hammock is still my favorite with this wrap. The trick (for me) is to tighten the wrap as a whole. You pull the tail over the whole width at the same time, instead of tightening it strand by strand like a woven wrap. Just like a stretchy, this takes some practice, to get the wrapjob very tight, but it will make it much more comfortable. With a back carry it is really important to wrap very carefully! If you wrap very tight, this wrap feels like a second skin.

We had a slingmeet recently and afterwards one of the mama’s asked me why I picked JPMBB for the walk to the car. I brought other wraps along but apparently I picked this wrap over others for this specific walk. I picked it because my little girl feels very comfortable in this wrap. She falls asleep very quickly and I can feel how she relaxes when I pull it very tight. I just love the skin-on-skin feeling that a stretchy gives… But frontcarries don’t work very well for us at the moment (with a scratching, grabbing, mom-attacking baby), that’s why I love this hybrid: you can use it for a back carry as well!

Yes, it has a lot of bounce. You can hop around and your baby will bounce up and down (which she thinks is hilarious), but it feels very supportive and with arms in it feels very secure. With a child that likes to have their arms out, I think you need to be careful when your child leans backwards. That’s how my baby tries to escape and I think she will accomplish it for sure.

The wrap is very long. You can cut it easily, but you can also wear the long tails around your waist so it looks like a pretty shirt, matching your wrap. For back carries, JPMBB sells a short version, too. Great idea! If you like stretchies, you will love this wrap. Always be careful with trying a back carry and I wouldn’t try it with a ‘leaner’. JPMBB says you can use it up to 14kg, and you can start back carries as soon as your baby has head control (around 4 months).

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