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On August 31, 2014
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This is the perfect wrap for a newborn, VERY soft (brandnew) & easy to wrap with! Still comfortable in a multi-layer carry with my 9.5kg baby, but I wouldn't pick it for my 15kg toddler (to much bounce/stretch). Did I already say it's perfect for a newborn? 🙂

Didymos Lisca Azzurro
100% organic cotton

My love for the Lisca pattern started after seeing an actionpicture of this wrap, Azzurro is the most amazing (cornflower) blue, combined with turquoise and petrol which make the colour deeper, more lively and it really accentuates the pattern.

This wrap is the softest wrap I’ve ever felt brand new. It’s amazing, perfect for a newborn baby, no need to break the wrap in, just wash, wear & enjoy!
It’ a light wrap, airy and perfect for hot weather. It feels a bit slippery, but the pattern provides grip at the same time. It’s very easy to wrap with, passes glide in place without any effort.

I’ve used it with my toddler (15kg) in different multi-layer carries (double hammock, BWCC), but this wrap has a lot of bounce/stretch. I don’t like these qualities with my toddler but with a lighter baby it’s love! If there is one wrap that I could choose as a perfect newborn wrap: I would pick a lisca!
So soft, perfect cush on your shoulders, it’s a delight to wrap your tiny baby in this wrap, I’m sure!

If your new to wrapping: don’t be scared. Your new didymos wrap will come with a dvd and other information to learn the carries and everything about sizing, materials and woven wraps.
(or just take a look at my tutorials 😉 )

I’ve used this wrap a lot during my holiday in Italy. Lisca is perfect for the summer! Even though this wrap is very light (190g/m²) it was still comfortable in a rucksack carry with my 9,5kg baby. The wrap is on the thinner side so with a heavier baby in a single layer carry you have to wrap very carefully, but this wrap almost wraps itself so that wasn’t a problem. For more support I would wear it in a double hammock or christina’s ruckless.

I think Lisca rocks in a long size, a size 3 or 4 would be perfect for a kangaroo carry with your newborn, but if you’re planning to use it with a heavier child too, you might prefer a size 6 or 7 for multilayer carries with a chestpass/chestbelt.

I’m hoping Didymos will release Lisca in more colourways in the future. This is the perfect gift for a pregnant friend or for yourself if you’re wrapping a newborn (or will be wrapping a newborn soon)


Look at this: Isn’t it beautiful??

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