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On September 3, 2014
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This bag is very practical, you can wear it in many ways and it's easy to wear this bag if you're babywearing. Big enough for everything I would bring for a day out with 2 kids and comes with a smaller bag for short-trips.

Bo-yee bag

‘metzonderhanden Superstars’

Maybe you’ve been in the same situation: you’re planning a day out with your child(ren) and you need to take some things with you but wonder: ‘how do I wear my bag when I’m babywearing?’. Your favorite handbag suddenly hurts your shoulders, or the strap from your shoulder bag is in the way.

This ‘metzonderhanden'(withouthands) bag is a great solution!

The bag has 2 long straps and two short handles. You can tie the straps in every way you’d like, or even do a ring finish if you prefer so. The bag comes with a diaper change pad and a smaller extra bag with two loops. You can add this bag to one of the straps or even add it to your carrier or wrap if you don’t want to bring your ‘big’ bag. The inner lining is made with waterproof nylon and has a pocket with a zipper, 2 side pockets with an elastic band, 2 open pockets (to fit your pen or your sunglasses) and a key hook.

The outside of the bag has loops at the bottom and loops at the top. If you pull the straps through the loops at the top, you can use the bag as a ‘big’ bag. If you leave the straps out of the loops, your bag will fold down and be smaller. Very practical! The bottom loops are for tying off. You don’t need to use them, but if you want to wear the bag on your back it’s very easy to pull the straps over your shoulders, back through the bottom loops and tie a knot.

There are many different ways to wear this bag. My favorite is to use it as a normal shoulder bag. The straps are long enough to guide them around your child before you tie a knot (no straps over your child’s back). I also love to use it as a hip bag. Just guide the straps around your waist. If you’re wearing your child on your back your can easily wear this bag underneath their bum.

I use the smaller bag for things I  prefer to have access to. For our hiking trip I’ve put some crackers and grapes in it (in my favorite washable snack-bag). Sometimes I just put my smartphone and my keys in it. The bag itself is so big that I always have to dig for my stuff. Yes, maybe I should just take the minimum with me but then again I wouldn’t need a bag if I left everything at home!

The bag measures approx. 30x45x10 if you guide the straps through the upper loops and 32cm high if you use the bag folded.
Some pictures:

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If you need some inspiration on the options ‘how to wear’ the bag, you can take a look at my videos:
Here & here

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