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On October 20, 2014
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A onbuhimo is a great option for pregnant mama's, tandemwearing & quick up/downs with a toddler. These two prototypes are the perfect size for my toddler and little girl. The shoulder straps are short enough to wear the onbu high (I'm 1.68) and the leg padding is nice for the kids.

Bloomyloom Onbuhimo
Choco-grass UHU
Choco-grass swirls


Shoulderstraps padding length

Shoulderstraps padding width

Body width

Complete body height

Height with child in it



42 – 50cm

46 – 50cm

37 – 40cm


2.25 inch

16.5 inch -19.6 inch

18 – 10.6 inch

14.5- 15.7 inch


Carrier type

Body adjustable in height

Body adjustable in width







An Onbuhimo is a carrier without a waistbelt. These prototypes are converted by a Hungarian SAHM and there might be some changes to the carriers before they will be released.
I didn’t have a lot of experience with Onbuhimos. I have tried some different brands during my basic course at the Trageschule Hamburg, but have never owned one.
I was really excited to try these, curious to see how I would get along with a carrier without a waistbelt.


Some information about Onbuhimos:
I wouldn’t recommend them for a frontcarry. Yes, it’s possible, but it’s close to impossible to wear your child high enough in a frontcarry. It’s VERY important to wear your child high in a onbuhimo.
If you wear your child too low, the pressure on the neck increases. You need to make sure your child fits in the carrier perfectly (to big = bad!) and it’s best to wear your child high enough so he/she can look over your shoulder.


A onbu can be a great choice during pregnancy and I really love it for tandemwearing. It’s easy to put on your back and the lack of a waistbelt is great for those situations.
Yes, it’s heavier on your shoulders, with other carriers the weight will be distributed along your waist too but here all the weight goes on your shoulders.

I have worn these carriers for long walks (1,5 hours +), but wouldn’t pick it for those walks with my heavy toddler if I have other options. It’s a great ‘on the go’ carrier. Put it in your bag for your walking toddler & grab it if she/he gets tired. It folds down to a small package and my little girl really loves the way I put her on my back. (swinging!)


The straps are not very padded, but I found it very comfortable. The shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped and the length of the padding is short enough for me to wear the onbu high. (I’m 1.68m)
The legpadding is really nice & these carriers make an instant perfect seat.
The height is great if your child wants to have the arms out, but also high enough if they like to cuddle in a little bit.
There’s no headsupport/sleeping hood, I’ve used a hat to support my little one’s head one time.
These two prototypes are the perfect sizes for my children. 3,5 Year old, around 1m in the big one and I have worn my almost 2 year old, clothing size 80/86 in the little one.


These onbuhimo’s are going to visit the Trageschule Hamburg, I’m really looking forward to see what they think of it!
Keep an eye on the Bloomyloom Facebook page for updates.







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