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Zamira Margana (with linen)

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On January 7, 2015
Last modified:May 29, 2017


The toddlerproof sister of the all cotton Zamira wraps out there! Perfect for hot temperatures, heavier children and even suitable for newbie wrappers.
Needs some breaking in, but is not as stiff as other linen wraps from the start. Still easy to wrap with!

Pellicano Baby Zamira Margana
30% linen, 70% cotton
279 gr/m²



Pellicano Baby started releasing wraps in the summer of 2014, they produce and finish their wraps in Germany and Poland.
The first pattern ‘Zamira’ is a zebra pattern with a rainbow warp. There have been other designs released, but this still is my favourite!
Zamira Margana is the first Pellicano wrap I’ve got to try with linen & after testing Zamira Vari I was really looking forward to a more toddlerproof Zamira!



If you have ever tried one of the Pellicano all cotton wraps, you know they are (very) soft from the start.
Don’t expect that with a linen wrap! 😉 This beauty needs some breaking in. Braiding, (steam)ironing, put it in a pillow case and sit on it…. it can take some tough love to break this wrap in!
I’m really hoping that this one will get as soft as Zamira Vari, but that will take some time.
Don’t be afraid, this is not one of those wraps that are stiff and hard to wrap with, it’s actually very mouldable already from the start.



With a width around 72cm it’s very nice to use with bigger kids, without being overwhelming for a small baby.
For a newborn I would prefer the all cotton Pellicano wraps, but after some breaking in you can also use this one.
This will be the perfect summer wrap, it’s thin, airy and supportive!
It isn’t very cushy, but doesn’t dig in your shoulders. I have worn my 2-year-old in a single layer (rucksack) carry without any problems.



I think it will make a great shorty for the next summer, for a hip carry with a slipknot or for a simple RRRR.
This wrap is suitable for both newbie and experienced wrappers. It’s not too grippy, it’s surprisingly mouldable for a linen wrap, it’s not very hard to make the higher backpasses.
Offcourse, after breaking in it will be even easier to wrap with!


I think I’ve said this before: I’m not a linen fan. I don’t have (or take) the time to break wraps in. I want them to soften up quickly….
Because it’s so beautiful I don’t mind it not being the softest wrap from the start. Luckily it was still easy and comfortable to wrap with brand new, so it’s only a pleasure to see how it evolves with a few wears (and some ironing/braiding).
If you love the other Zamira’s, but would prefer some more support: here it is!
Don’t expect the same softness, maybe after a while it will get just as soft…. I’m not sure.



Pellicano Baby releases their wraps through their website. You can find all the information about upcoming releases on their Facebook page.



Some pictures:

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