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On May 12, 2015
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Grippy but still easy to wrap with. A more supportive little brother (or sister) of the original Mehndi, available in bright colours.
Organic cotton, reasonably priced, suitable for both newborn and heavier children. Because of the width (65cm) I wouldn't pick it for my preschooler.

Frl.Hübsch Little Mehndi Blau
100% organic cotton
width: 65cm


Last summer I wrote a review on Fräulein Hübsch wraps for the first time, I have Mehndi (in black) and stars.
You can read that review here. 

Fräulein Hübsch wraps are produced in Austria and are made with 100% organic cotton.
For this new colourfull release they made the pattern smaller and this little mehndi is heavier compared to the original black Mehndi.


Mehndi has a ornamental design, I have tried it in blue and white, but if you prefer other colours you might love pink, orange or green this spring.
The rails are very narrow, compared to other brands like Oscha and Fidella. The wrap itself measures 65cm in width.
Just like with the first Mehndi tester this is narrower than most other brands I own, but when wrapping it didn’t feel narrow at all.


This beauty is not soft from the start. After a wash and (steam) ironing it was already softer, but it needs some wrapping to break it in.
It’s not a very cushy wrap, it feels rather flat on your shoulders. But: even in a rucksack carry with my 12kg toddler it didn’t dig, I actually think it did great in one layer carries!
I love the pattern size in combination with the bright colours. This blue is perfect on jeans and the contrast with the white side is very nice!


The pattern provides some grip when wrapping. The grip makes it perfect for knotless finishes and it’s still easy to wrap with. I think it will make a nice summer wrap, as it’s thin and light but supportive.
Okay, I might not recommend it as the perfect wrap for your preschooler, the reason is for me is the width. For other ages it will be a good choice.
If you want to use it with your newborn I would recommend to buy one used or send it on a visit to babywearing friends to have some help on breaking it in before your baby arrives.
Once it has softened up it’s ready for your tiny squish!


You can buy a Frl. Hübsch wrap at their webshop. They are very reasonable priced!

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