Baie Slings
Baie Slings

Baie Slings Flying Fish – 100% combed cotton:  Amazingly soft, moldable and strong!

This is an all round wrap, easy to wrap with, buttery soft for a newborn but also strong enough to wear your toddler. The color is a beautiful blue, which will brighten up your day!
On the first touch it felt silky soft and a bit thick, but it has the right amount of stretch for a perfect (forgiving) wrap job.
We took the wrap for long walks in the woods, I tried it with my baby (10 months) and with my toddler (13kg, 2.5y). I was surprised how supportive a 100% (combed) cotton wrap can be.
I know Oscha’s (combed) cotton is very supportive as well, but I never had an Oscha which felt so soft! In terms of softness I would compare it with a bamboo-blend.
It comes in a pretty bag, which you can use to store the wrap in.
I’m looking forward to see what’s next at Baie Slings!

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