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On February 1, 2015
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Silvester is a great all-rounder. Easy to wrap with, easy to care for, not prone to pulls at all. It's suitable for newbie wrappers and is soft enough to use with your newborn. It's airy enough for hot summer days and would make a nice summer shorty! In multilayer carries it's still very comfortable with my 15kg+ big girl.

** This is one of my private wraps, I might be a bit blinded by love & passion when writing this review ;) Sorry!

Artipoppe Two Bird Silvester
Warp: 50% ecru Egyptian cotton
Weft: 50% magenta Egyptian cotton
230 gr/m2.

Artipoppe is an ‘avant-garde babywearing design house’ from the Netherlands, a machine woven brand with exciting blends and designs.
I’ve owned and tried a few and would love to share why I keep some of them in my stash.
Two Birds is my favourite Artipoppe design, it comes in many colours and blends.
This wrap was released in July 2013, there are at least 21 wraps released and one ringsling.
Compared to other Artipoppe Wraps this one has a simple blend, doesn’t sound as exciting…. but it’s pink! It’s a soft reddish pink, a lovely magenta.

12m (Twobirds Tiffany, Valentijn and Silvester)


Silvester has been living with me since April 2014, which is almost 10 months now. I’ve upgraded the size last summer, instead of a size 6 I have a size 7 now.
I love 100% Egyptian cotton wraps. Egyptian cotton is an extra long staple cotton, just like Pima cotton and Sea Island cotton. The long staples make a very fine yarn, which gets softer and is stronger compared to ‘normal’ cotton. I’ve also heard that it soaks up moisture a lot better compared to normal cotton, which would mean that it would be a good choice if you want to feel dry when you’re sweating.


Silvester is a great all-rounder. Easy to wrap with, easy to care for, not prone to pulls at all. Okay, you might hate me for this but this is a wrap that I would pick if I know I will be wrapping somewhere on a muddy parking lot. Even if the tails would hang in the mud, just throw it in the washing machine once we’re home and it will be fine. No need to ‘baby’ this wrap!


It looks classy and stylish enough for a city trip, but doesn’t look out of place on a hike in the mountains. These birds will join you everywhere.
It’s suitable for newbie wrappers and is soft enough to use with your newborn. It’s airy enough for hot summer days and would make a nice summer shorty!
With my heavy (15kg+) big girl I only wear this wrap in multilayer carries, but with my youngest (2 year old, 10kg) a single layer carry doesn’t get diggy. (Still, I prefer a double hammock 😉 )
I think Silvester will shine in every size, it makes a perfect slip knot, which would make it a great shorty for hip and rebozo carries. It’s one of those wraps that’s great for special finishes, that’s why I love my size 7. Perfect for a saltwater finish or a half saltwater finish with a twist. With a newborn I can imagine this to be the perfect wrap to practise your kangaroo carry with, because it’s so easy to tighten!
The only bad thing about it is that the design has a ‘up’ and ‘down’ side. Sometimes I end up with the birds flying upside down, which bothers me a little bit. Yes I should just pay attention to the placing if I start wrapping, but still it happened more than once 😉


Not every 100% Egyptian cotton wrap from Artipoppe feels the same. The design makes a difference, the weight, even the colour (naturel/white is mostly softer). This easy going wrap has found a nice balance between grip & slide. Those passes glide in to place effortlessly, but with enough grip that it doesn’t end of being slippery. I wouldn’t call it a very grippy wrap, with a knotless finish (and a heavy child) you might need to retighten it after a while. When my little girl was a bit lighter I have worn her in a rucksack carry with a knotless finish (on longer walks) without having to retighten.


If you’re looking for a nice all-rounder to use with your newborn & for your older wrappee and you love magenta? This is what you need! This wrap doesn’t need any breaking in and because it’s already around for a while most of them will be very soft! Even if you’re living somewhere with higher temperatures & a more humid climate this will be a great choice.


You can find the Artipoppe retail prices on Facebook , but because of the small releases and huge number of fans the market value tends to be a lot higher.
I think this one is not very hard to find, still the price will be above retail.
If you’re hoping to get a (used) Artipoppe, you can take a look in the Facebook groups, there are a couple of AP fan-groups in different languages.


Artipoppe releases their wraps through etsy, release times are (mostly) not announced and they sell out in a flash. It’s a nice hunting game for those who love it. Have fun!

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