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The Blue Bird
420 euro for a size 6

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On January 8, 2015
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Thick, very supportive, the ultimate toddler wrap! Grippy, softens up with use, surprisingly airy and in a shorter size (less fabric) definitly suitable for hot weather too. Wouldn't pick it for a tiny newborn, but will be a great choice for your pre schooler!

** This is one of my private wraps, I might be a bit blinded by love & passion when writing this review 😉 Sorry!

Artipoppe Argus The Blue Bird
Warp: 40% dazzling blue Egyptian cotton
Weft: 42% natural bourette silk, 18% navy cashmere
302 gr/m2.



Artipoppe is an ‘avant-garde babywearing design house’ from the Netherlands, a machine woven brand with exciting blends and designs.
I’ve owned and tried a few, Argus The Blue Bird is the second triweave I’ve tried and 6 months later it still lives here. It’s love!


My favourite Artipoppe design are the Twobirds and I didn’t think I would ever ‘get’ the love for Argus…. Until Water-lily came along, a stunning blue Argus. The colour, the shimmer…
Those two made me an Argus fan, I’m hooked! The Blue Bird was released in Mai 2014, I’ve been wearing it a lot ever since and it’s great to see how it evolves.

First impression: heavy, it feels like a blanket, very grippy (probably the bourette silk) and not very soft compared to Water-lily.
I have a size 7, it’s a lot of fabric (especially with this weight), but it also wraps a bit shorter so a long(er) size works great for us.


The bourette silk provides a lot of grip, wrapping neatly can be a work out with this thick blanket. I didn’t think it would be a nice wrap for hot weather, but during our holiday in Italy last summer I actually experienced that it’s very airy. I would recommend a shorter size for a rucksack carry for a hot summer, because a multi layer carry with a size 7 just feels hotter because of all the fabric.
After a month or so I could notice the wrap getting a lot softer, the ‘wrong’ side is softer compared to the ‘right’ side. It also got more mouldable and easier to wrap with.
I even tried a kangaroo carry with this wrap, but that was still quite a work-out, to get the shoulder flips neat.
The Blue Bird is a true toddler wrap in my opinion, I can’t imagine wrapping a tiny newborn in this wrap. A little baby would be pretty overwhelmed by this heavy piece of fabric.
If I go out for a long trip with my toddler I always pick a triweave. Water-lily and Blue Bird are the only wraps in my personal stash that are supportive and cushy enough for my 3,5 year old to be worn over 4 hours (without getting uncomfortable for me).
Blue Bird is getting softer over time, but isn’t losing any grip. I love grip and this is the perfect wrap if you love a knotless or half knot finish. I almost never make a double knot with this wrap, because the bulky knot can be very uncomfortable. In a half knot it will stay in place without any problems and it’s much more comfortable!


Wraps with a high % of (bourette) silk tend to be a bit more narrow, Blue Bird measures 66cm but I don’t think it wraps very narrow.
I think I wouldn’t pick BB as a shorty, because it wraps a bit shorter & it’s thick. Maybe once it’s fully broken in, but for my favourite shorty carries I prefer a thinner (and less grippy) wrap.
A size 4 for a rucksack carry is a great choice, even for heavier kids. Blue Bird is supportive enough in a single layer carry & cushy on your shoulders!
Not like I would ever give up my size 7, but that’s just because I’m a huge double hammock fan… Maybe I need a similar wrap in a size 4 for the summer! 😉


The only ‘bad’ thing about this wrap: it’s expensive and hard to find.
You can find the Artipoppe retail prices on Facebook , but because of the small releases and huge number of fans the market value tends to be a lot higher. Compared to other releases there are quite a few Blue Birds, but they don’t seem to pop up often. This truly is a unicorn!
If you’re hoping to get a (used) Artipoppe, you can take a look in the Facebook groups, there are a couple of AP fan-groups in different languages.


Artipoppe releases their wraps through etsy, release times are (mostly) not announced and they sell out in a flash. It’s a nice hunting game for those who love it. Have fun!


Some pictures:
(my little girl is getting so big suddenly!)






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