I learned that the tester that’s referred to as ‘feathers’ has a name: ”Angel wings!”
When I saw the design for the first time I already thought it was really special.
It makes babywearing feel like ‘hiding under mother’s wings’, just like birds do… That’s why it got the nickname ‘feathers’. I don’t want to spoil you with things that other people saw in this design 😉 but I love how it looks when wrapped!

Black weft: ‘wrong’ side
Solnce ''Feathers''

‘right’ side:

There is also a light grey tester, but I prefer the darker weft. I’m really curious how the angel wings design will look in a bold colour!

This wrap is 100% Egyptian cotton, heavy weight, very sturdy and a bit scary at first.
I washed it twice, steam ironed it multiple times and braided it until my arms hurt. 🙂
It was worth the effort, you can already feel the difference if you compare it to the diamonds tester (same blend).

I would compare my tester to Pavo Etini Magnolia, it has the same ‘blankety’ feeling when you’re wrapping it and it’s (very) toddlerworthy. Pavo is my favorite brand when it comes to 100% cotton wraps for my toddler (I prefer blends), but I think Solnce is also up to the job! 🙂
I wouldn’t recommend it for a new-born and I would say that this wrap is more suitable for experienced wrappers because of its weight. It’s very grippy, but if it is in place, it will stay that way… I’ve wrapped a DH a bit to tight the other day and almost felt like I couldn’t breath anymore.

I’ve used it with my youngest daughter and with my toddler, I wouldn’t choose it for a small baby, maybe once it’s fully broken in, but now it was even a bit to sturdy for my little girl (7.5kg – 1-year-old)….. I’ve tandemworn my 2 girls for several hours in angel wings & diamonds and it was surprisingly comfortable for the first hours, but after a while it did hurt my shoulders. (2 kids = 21kg+)
In a double hammock it was perfect for my toddler, we went for a walk together and she slept very long. The width is perfect for a big kid. This wrap is a working horse, everybody needs (at least) one of those wraps! You don’t need to be scared to trow this on the ground, wear your muddy kid in it or go outside and have a picnic on your wrap. It will take a lot of wrapsitting, ring-ragging and wearing to tame this beast, but if you like heavy wraps you will love this! 🙂

I took the wrap with me to a sling-meet in Holland and the weight and rough feeling seemed to scare some people off…
Marlies wrapped it with her toddler (17 months, 10kg). She already owns a Solnce Cobra and she wanted to try the 100% EC blend. She told me that she didn’t like the sturdiness, but once wrapped it did feel really tight. It wasn’t very easy to wrap with (she’s an experienced wrapper). She wore her son in a Rucksack tied Tibetan and he slept for a short period. She experienced the wrap being diggy and it hurt her shoulders after a short period (not even a half hour). The wrap is strong, but not cushy enough for her preferences.


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