Southern Belle - 100% Egyptian Cotton
around 390 euro for a size 6

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On November 3, 2014
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The weaving is flawless, the selvedges are perfect.
Southern Belle would be great for a newborn, but it's also very comfortable with my heavier girls. The wrap was already very soft and the passes glide in to place easily. I would say it's a bit slippery, but somehow the weave provides grip once it's wrapped.

Rocking Horse Wovens

”Southern Belle”

100% Egyptian cotton

70 cm wide


Rocking Horse Wovens is a handwoven wrap company from the Netherlands. The wraps are woven by a experienced babywearing mama with a lot of love for her product. You can see this in the finished product. It comes with a small leaflet that includes a piece of the weft and warp yarn and some information (wrap ID number and the washing instructions). She only uses ecological and animal-friendly sourced yarn of very high quality. I love the handmade bag and the beautiful label on the tail of her wraps (hand stamped!).

(Picture: label on one of her other wraps)


Southern Belle is a custom wrap RHW made for a babywearing friend. It will probably stay the only custom RHW has made/will make. The friend lost her mama to breast cancer and the choice of colours is based on the last painting the mother made. It’s a very touching story and I do understand why RHW wanted to honour the mother with something to connect a mama and her child.


The colours are perfect for fall, it reminds me of the blooming heather I’ve seen in Holland last August, a rich purple colour with a reddish undertone.
Looking at the leaflet, I can see the warp has lilac, orange, white and purple threads. The weft is a dark purple. The wrap is a subtile grad from a darker purple to a lighter more orange/red.
The center of the wrap is marked with a folded thread in white. I love subtile middle markers, but this RHW was playing games with me… Somehow it always ended up off center! ; ) Please don’t be bothered by that in the pictures. I gave my best!


I’ve tried other RHW wraps at a sling meet in the Netherlands and my toddler immediately fell in love with the soft and cloudy wraps. I explained to her that one of the mama’s at the sling meet made those wraps and she wanted to ask if she could make her one too!
My toddler was very pleased by the fact that we got to host a tester from RHW, but a bit disappointed that it wasn’t the orange one we’ve tried at the sling meet.

(the wrap we tried at the slingmeet)


The weaving is flawless and the selvedges are perfect. I know the mama behind this brand is quite a perfectionist, but as it is handmade I always know you can expect some flaws, that’s the charm of a handmade product. Southern Belle is a Diamond weave twill variation with weft more visible on one side, warp more visible on the other side , which makes the wrap feel a bit thicker than a plain weave. It also gives the wrap a lot of cush! This cush reminds me most of the Madhatter Warped & Woven heartweave, it’s something you hardly find in other weaving patterns.


The wrap was already very soft and the passes glide into place easily. I would say it’s a bit slippery, but somehow the weave provides grip once it’s wrapped. I wouldn’t pick a knotless finish with my heavy toddler, but with my little girl (around 10kg) a knotless tibetan stayed in place over a longer period. This is one of those wraps where you can do a double hammock effortlessly, with a smooth chestpass like you won’t see with very grippy or stiff wraps. This wrap is very moldable!


Southern Belle has a lot of stretch & bounce, that’s the reason why I would pick a double-layer carry with a heavier child. If you love bounce and wrap very neatly, it would be great in a single layer carry too. I love how it molds around you & your child, first with a blankety feeling, but once it’s wrapped it will feel like the perfect fit, almost like a second skin (a very soft and fluffy skin that is).
This wrap will be the perfect choice both for beginning and experienced wrappers. It’s easy to wrap with and the glide is great to practice multi-layer back carries with high back passes (like a double hammock)


Southern Belle would be great for a newborn, but it’s also very comfortable with my heavier girls. For my toddler I’ve mainly used multi-layer carries (because off the stretch/bounce) and in a double hammock I could wear her over hours. The wrap didn’t slip off of my shoulders and I love how cushy it feels on my shoulders.
For heavier children I would recommend a long wrap, but I can imagine this being a great kangaroo / rucksack carry wrap for a newborn (in a shorter size).

Every now and then RHW sells her wraps. By draw, fastest fingers on Facebook or on Etsy.

Just keep an eye on her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram for updates on her newest projects!


Some pictures:


Rocking Horse Wovens

Rocking Horse Wovens

Rocking Horse Wovens

Rocking Horse Wovens

Rocking Horse Wovens

Rocking Horse Wovens

Rocking Horse Wovens

Rocking Horse Wovens


More pictures??? Here!





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