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the climayarn got very soft and fluffy, but the linen didn't. It feels very strange to wrap with a wrap which has different characteristics/qualities on the different parts. I would prefer for it to be a linen weft, or maybe even a climayarn weft, but not both next to each other in blocks. (they won't be using different weft materials in one wrap again!)

Wrap weavers  – handwoven
Climayarn (60% merino / 40% polycolon) & fine linen

You probably reacted the same way I did when I heard about this blend for the first time. ‘Climayarn, what’s that??’ and ‘why would I want polycolon (polypropylene) in a baby wrap??‘. I was hoping to find some answers, but to be honest, I’m still not sure about this.

On the first glance this wrap looks very fragile, it’s lightweight (around 165gr/m²) and loosely woven. I was expecting that it would be very prone to pulls, but I didn’t notice any at all. I do think it will be prone to threadshifting due to the loose weaving structure.

Of course I asked the weavers about the materials, it was important to me to have information about the yarns, quality labels and the reasons why they chose these materials.

Some information about Climayarn (as provided by wrap weavers)
Clima yarn:
– transfers moisture
– warms at cold temperatures
– avoids extra heat-accumulation
– machine washable
– Climayarn (R) optimally combines the advantages of wool’s natural finer with the strength of Polycon’s high-performance finer
– Climayarn dries considerably faster than comparable cotton materials
– No dry cleaning

– it is dry when it is wet
– it is warm when it is cold
– polycon shows perspiration the door
– no dry cleaning
– does not absorb any moisture
– machine washable

The materials used have quality labels. Climayarn has a blue sign label and the Linens (Bockens) have an eco label of the Swedish society for Nature Conservation.

That does sound perfect, if it wasn’t for the Polycolon (polypropylene)…. Somehow it just doesn’t feel appropriate to use a plastic fiber like this in a baby wrap, but after seeing Tekhni using Repreve (made from recycled plastic bottles), it’s just about trying new things and thinking outside the box.

It was a pleasure to try this blend, at first I was a bit scared to try it with my (almost) 15kg toddler, but it was more supporting than I expected a thin airy wrap like this to be. It definitively feels like a summer wrap and considering the information on the climayarn it would be the perfect blend too. Sadly it isn’t summer yet so I couldn’t try how it would feel in higher temperatures.

Back to what it’s all about: how does it wrap?
This is a thin wrap, you need to wrap very neatly, otherwise it would hurt your shoulders. This particular wrap was woven in ‘block stripes’, the warp is 100% climayarn and the weaver chose to do weftchanges, she used (white) climayarn and (peach/orange) linen. The linen parts are on the tails and in the middle of this wrap. She designed it this way, so the ‘fluffy’ and soft climayarn would be on your shoulders and the strength (and support) of the linen would be where your child is (if you’re using the rucksack or FWCC carry). I like how that sounds, but for me it doesn’t really work out that way.

After a week the climayarn got very soft and fluffy, but the linen didn’t. It feels very strange to wrap with a wrap which has different characteristics/qualities on the different parts. I would prefer for it to be a linen weft, or maybe even a climayarn weft, but not both next to each other in blocks. The 100% climayarn parts have a lot of bounce, stretch, it’s very soft and I believe it would be the perfect blend for a newborn, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a toddler (even in multilayer carries I wouldn’t prefer this blend).

The parts of the wrap with a linen weft are more supportive, this would make a better toddler wrap, but I would have to try it first to judge it (in this wrap the biggest part was 100% climayarn, so it’s hard to judge the wrapping qualities of the linen weft). I love the colour changes and I think the weft changes on the tails and as a middlemarker are fun & pretty.

This would make a nice summer wrap. The wrap isn’t very forgiving, you need a neat wrapjob if your child is a bit heavier, but it’s great if you know how to handle thin wraps, or if your child isn’t very heavy (max. 10kg). I have tried it in FWCC, Rucksack (tied tibetan) & double hammock. I would prefer a multi layer carry with my toddler, but for my small girl it was fine in a normal rucksack carry. Due to the weft changes you need to think about which parts of the wrap you would prefer to have on your shoulders. I did prefer the Climayarn parts, because they are soft and cushy. That works out the best in a Rucksack carry. The passes glides easily, the wrap was a bit slippery in the beginning, but that got better after a couple of carries. You can machine wash this blend on wool program(easy to care for!).

All in all, I really hope they will choose to use one material for the weft, colorful weft changes are fun, but changing the material within the wrap just doesn’t work out for me. It bothers me if some parts feel different . I would love to try how the climayarn feels in hot weather, last summer I’ve used my Hoppediz Pune a lot. I love thin and airy wraps for the summer!

You can find ‘Wrap Weavers’ on Facebook [btn text=”here!” tcolor=#FFF link=””]

They are located in Portugal and are experienced in weaving scarfs with high quality yarn.

Some pictures from the Wrap Weavers Facebook page:

1982349_567740083331452_2065575873_n 1618616_559407664164694_635831494_n 1964811_562403387198455_261528569_n 1654481_562439710528156_1258832074_n

Action pictures:

Ruck with my 15kg toddler
Ruck with my 15kg toddler
Double Hammock
Double Hammock
Double Hammock Saltwater finish
Double Hammock Saltwater finish
Rucksack Tibetan
Rucksack Tibetan

You can view more pictures here:

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Update: You can find a review on a 100% climayarn tester here

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