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On April 27, 2014
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Selvedges aren't perfect, the finishing routing will change (this wrap felt greasy).
It's a medium thick wrap, the knot takes a lot of fabric and it wraps short.
It's very grippy, a solid working horse


A couple of weeks ago I got a message from a Dutch weaver that had started making babywraps and would love to hear how I like her wrap. This tester is the first wrap she made and apart from some small flaws, the weaving quality is nice. Yes, the selvedges aren’t as tight as those from some other weavers… But no big deal and I didn’t feel the need to tell her to get the rails hemmed, not at all.
It is a purple with pink wrap, the colors aren’t very vibrant, but they look very good together.

I need to be honest: it wasn’t love at first sight. The wrap had a distinctive smell, I have heard about other handwoven wraps with a smell before. I washed it and hung it outside to make it disappear.
The wrap felt greasy, it probably had to do with her finishing routine and she will change this with her next wrap in order to try to improve the feel.

After a wash it was way better, less greasy. It’s a medium/heavy wrap, grippy, perfect for heavier kids in a single layer wrap job.
It feels thick in hand, it’s medium thick compared to Etla plain weave, lemonlooms (= thinner) and chunkyslings (= thicker).
The knot takes a lot of fabric and it wraps short. This tester has a fringe, but the weaver told me she will not be doing a fringe on her next wraps.

This wrap is a real working horse, it will need some time to get soft, I didn’t manage that in the period that it stayed here but it started to soften up already.
It definitely needs some breaking in in order to get soft and floppy.

I tried this wrap in a RUB, RRRR with CCCB, knotless RRRR and inside-out coolest hip cross carry, it shines in a simple ruck with my toddler.
This wrap effortlessly stays in place, it’s very grippy. I preferred a knotless finish because of the thick knot.
Because of the density and weight it’s pretty comfortable in a single layer carry. If you are looking for a solid wrap: this is what you need!
StitchesSwitches is opening up a customs list and she will be selling some wraps occasionally in between custom weaving orders.

Some pictures: 

You can find more pictures here

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