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On November 25, 2014
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Thin, thinner, thinnest! This is a great wrap for hot & humid weather. It comes with a lot of irregularities and a lot of love for the environment. I love the story that's behind the wrap (natural dyes, organic cotton, handspun, solar energy). Surprisingly supportive, needs some breaking in.
(3.5 stars)

Saamipya Handwoven
100% organic cotton

Saamipya is a hand-woven brand from India, they sell (probably the most) environmental friendly wraps that I’ve ever seen.
The wrap is made with 100% organic cotton, the yarn is hand dyed using natural dyes and then hand spun using solar energy. The wrap is hand-woven in a unit that runs only on solar energy and the unit hires no underpaid labourers or children.
These earth friendly wraps even come in an earth friendly bag. The fabric of the bag is also hand dyed with natural dyes, hand spun with solar energy, hand-woven in a solar-powered unit  and even block printed by hand with natural dyes!
I like the thought of a sustainable way to produce wraps with minimum impact on the environment, which makes it the perfect wrap for an environmentally conscious babywearer.


The Saamipya wrap came with a hand carved wooden elephant, the Saamipya bag and a Saamipya tag which is made from handmade paper and can be reused as a bookmark. This complete package is very nice, it suits the background of this wrap perfectly. The wrap has a lot of irregularities, which is caused by the use of handspun yarn. With the wrap you get the information which materials are used to make the dye (Yellow: Pomegranate peel, Red: Madder Root, Orange: Pomegranate and Madder Root, Pink: Madder Root.)
If you don’t like irregularities, stay away from this brand. The selvedges are not perfect, the wrap has a lot of ‘slubs and nubs’, thicker threads and a couple of knots.
I was surprised by how colorful the wrap is, I didn’t expect such intense colours from natural dyed yarn! Please make sure to wash it cold, with similar colours, with the first wash it can lose some excess dye.


The wrap is very thin, lightweight with a dense weave. It’s not very soft, but I think it softens up quickly. The yarn itself is very thin, I’ve made a comparison shot with my Meeyoo Lou Lou, where you can see the difference. You can notice that the Saamipya wrap is less fluffy. I think this wrap will be great in hot temperatures!

(click on a picture to see a larger version)

I had a hard time wrapping neatly with this wrap the first few tries. It’s very thin and I lost a lot of tension at the rails. Using it more often made me improve my wrapping, but I still find it hard to get the rails tightened.
The wrap is 82cm wide, which is great for bigger kids. I was surprised by how supportive it is, but even more by how airy it is. I’ve worn it without a babywearing jacket and it was getting too cold for my little girl, even in a double layer carry. (Temperature was around 7°C) This is not a wrap that will keep you very warm, but it will probably be perfect for hot (and humid) weather!


For a thin wrap it’s pretty forgiving, even with my sloppy 3 layer carry it didn’t dig in my shoulders. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it over hours in a sloppy wrapjob with a 15kg child, but you know what I mean, right?
Off course I’ve tried a rucksack carry with the wrap, but it’s not very cushy on the shoulders and I prefer a multilayer carry because it’s a lot more comfortable. In my pictures you can really notice how sloppy I wrapped in the beginning and how much it has improved. Once the wrap was broken in, it’s easier to get a smooth(er) wrapjob.


Because of the width it might seem to be a lot fabric for a newborn, but I think it will be fine because it’s so thin. I have to say the wrap wouldn’t be my choice for the upcoming winter here. I prefer a bit more cush, a fluffy wrap with more bounce. If it’s (getting) hot in your country and your child sweats when wrapped, this might be your solution. I think this might be the thinnest, most airy, summer wrap I’ve tried. You just can’t expect the fluffy feeling of a thicker wrap or thicker yarn with this one. I’m still very much impressed by the colours, they make me think of a summer sunset.


I’ve used the wrap for a couple of long walks and it kept surprising me, it was the opposite of my expectations when I first felt the wrap. (It’s so thin that I didn’t think it could ever be comfortable with a toddler!)
If you like thin wraps, you will get along with this one pretty well. It needs some breaking in, but once it’s broken in it’s easier to wrap and more forgiving.
Wearing a 9,5kg (almost) 2YO was no problem at all with this wrap and I was still comfortable when wearing my big girl (15kg) in a 3layer carry.


With older kids I would recommend getting a long wrap. Even in a multilayer carry it’s still airy and if you need more support a second or third layer is just much better than only a single layer carry.
You could also give it a try in a short size, which would be perfect for ‘on the go’. It’s so thin that it will be tiny when folded and if you get a size 3 you can use a 2 layer carry if needed!
The slubs and nubs are considered normal with this wrap, take a look at my (flat) pictures to see a couple of examples before buying a Saamipya wrap and ending up disappointed.
It gives the wrap a character and history, but not everyone likes irregularities.


You can find Saamipya on Facebook, just keep an eye on their page for updates and upcoming wraps!



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