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+ perfect balance of glide and grip: the passes glide into place effortlessly and they stay in place thanks to the grippy weave.
+ soft, love the stretch
- would prefer a little less bounce







Lemonlooms Feather Grade twill

100% cotton


As you might know, I’m a Lemonlooms fan. I own a shorty and I have tried some others, but this is the first try with a Lemonlooms wrap in twill weave. I had already seen some pictures of this travelling tester before it arrived here and I loved the colours. In real life, they are even more vibrant than the picture will show. These shades of turquoise are a real winner for me! The colours reminded me of Etla Emerald Bay which I really love.

This tester is an all-cotton wrap. Due to the weave it’s a little bit thicker than the plain weave Lemonlooms wraps but I would say it’s a medium (to thin) wrap. It felt surprisingly soft and it has a perfect amount of stretch. It has already visited other mamas, but it hasn’t been travelling for a long time so I guess it has gotten soft very quickly (and was probably already soft brand-new). Feather Grade is moldable and wrapping with this handwoven is very easy. This weave has the perfect balance of glide and grip: the passes glide into place effortlessly and they stay in place thanks to the grippy weave.

It makes a nice small double knot, not bulky at all. I love it in a rucksack carry with a tibetan tie-off (and a -not very neat- candy cane chestbelt). With some wraps the CCCB can be very uncomfortable, but this wrap make a pretty tight and beautiful CCCB. It won’t create pressure anywhere and you could even tie it off knotless if your prefer so. I tied off with a half knot. With a normal rucksack carry, the shoulder straps tend to slip off my shoulders, which is why I prefer a tibetan finish. It’s very practical and looks good!

I’ve also worn this wrap with my toddler. She calls it ‘the stripes’ just as every other handwoven I own, even though this wrap actually is less stripy because of the twill weave. Our first try was after a long drive. She fell asleep in her carseat and I didn’t want to leave her in the car so I had to try wrapping her and I hoped she wouldn’t wake up. I tied a kangaroo carry, not perfectly tightened, but she didn’t wake up which pleased me. Even in a single layer carry with a heavy sleeping toddler (15kg) this wrap felt great. Of course I would prefer a 2 layer carry with a heavier child for a longer walk, but with my little girl (9.5kg) I’ve used it in a rucksack and it did a great job!

I love bounce and I was hoping that this wrap had bounce without being saggy. The stretch was very promising, but if you don’t wrap very tight it might be a bit too much (depending on your preferences and the weight of your child). If you wrap very tight you won’t notice the bounce and it becomes more like a second skin. Do you know the feeling when you wrap a double hammock and the chestpass smoothly adjusts to your body shape and feels not only tight, but more like a perfect fit? This wrap gave me that feeling!

I think a cottolin blend would have less bounce and would be more forgiving for sloppy wrapjobs. I’m dreaming of one! Or maybe a bourette silk weft? Sounds also good to me!

Lemonlooms releases some wraps on Etsy, or they sell by draw or fastest fingers on their Facebook page.

Some pictures:






You can find more pictures here and here

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