826 euro for a size 7 (5.4m)

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On September 4, 2014
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The vintage look is really nice and even though the wrap looks kind of 'raw' and textured, it has a soft feeling when it's wrapped. This wrap is thinner than you would expect, and airy. It's luxurious and has a lot of character. It truly deserves to be called 'unicorn'.

(* I hate that I can't give half stars. 4.5 would be better!*)

Kokoro Textiles x ETLA Threadworks Moonrise Unicorn
50% imported Japanese Tussah silk and 50% cotton

With all the new brands coming up over this last year, it might be hard to stand out. Not for Kokoro! With the very first picture of their logo on Facebook (I think it was October 2013), they caught people’s eye right away and got a lot of attention. Knowing who’s behind this brand makes it even more interesting. One of the three owners/creators is Rose (a.k.a. Carry Them). She has tried a lot of wraps and has been an inspiring role model for many babywearing parents. With her experience, everyone was sure these wraps would turn out great. The other two creators seem to add a lot of knowledge and talent for design to the brand.

Every detail shows how well thought out this product is. It starts with the box: you will recognize it when your delivery guy comes, the box is fun, a design with planes and clouds. I loved the ‘camp kokoro’ patch, too!

The wrap itself is packed in a traditional furoshiki. The cloths come from Japan and are printed with Kokoro designs. You can use this cloth in many ways: as a scarf, as a bag, to wrap a tissue box…. If you need inspiration, just take a look at pinterest, you will find many more uses !

The labels are made with handcrafted stamps by Masaaki Oyamada. I love the thoughtfull details and the traditional craftsmanship added to their creations. This handwoven wrap is also a collaboration. A collaboration between Kokoro and Etla threadworks (Etla is a well-known handwoven wrap brand from the USA). Kokoro sourced the yarn, designed it and picked the weave, Etla threadworks made the dreams come true.

About Moonrise Unicorn:

The tweed like-yarns make a harmonious grade in subtle pastel shades. I love the cool pink, it looks sweet and tough at the same time! The blend is as intriguing as the weave: 50% imported Japanese Tussah silk and 50% cotton. The weave is a modified plain weave and it has been picked to give the wrap a ‘lacy look’. It sure makes it look very elegant and the texture indeed is lacy. This handwoven wrap looks and feels like nothing I’ve ever tried before. It’s luxurious and has a lot of character. It truly deserves to be called ‘unicorn’.

The vintage look is really nice and you can wear this wrap with the pink side up or the opposite side in order to change the whole look. I prefer the pink side up ^^.  Even though the wrap looks kind of ‘raw’ and textured, it has a soft feeling when it’s wrapped. It’s pretty grippy and the first time trying it in a double hammock, I had a hard time getting the chest pass nice and snug. This improved a lot after a few wears, it’s much easier to tighten and making a high back pass is no problem and it’s not overly grippy anymore. I love it in a double hammock! The feeling of this wrap is hard to describe, it’s soft, thinner than you would expect, and airy. This is the kind of wrap you want to stroke when you’re wearing it, to feel the texture. It’s cushy, perfect for a rucksack carry (even with a heavier child) and a knotless tibetan looks stunning with this wrap!

The first evening, I tried it in a FWCC Tied at shoulder with a double knot. The knot was bulky, wow! Really impressive and huge. I should have made a comparison picture, but after wearing the wrap a couple of times even a slipknot wasn’t bulky anymore. I’ve finished the double hammock with a half knot and it stayed in place, gotta love the grip!

This wrap is made for fancy wrap jobs such as a sweetheart chestpass, tibetan finish and a candy cane chest belt. Especially the sweetheart chest pass shows off the wrap perfectly and it was VERY comfortable. I would love to know how soft this wrap gets with use andI think it will be perfectly broken in very soon.

The wrap I got to try was a long Moonrise Unicorn, but I think this will rock as a shorter wrap, too. Perfect for single layer carries with picky shoulders, I’m sure!

I’m not saying this wrap would be loved by everyone. Unicorn might not be your Unicorn. These subtle shades might not be your color, or the weave could have too much texture for your taste. The (retail) price tag is high compared to other handwoven wraps. But I really hope there will be more Unicorns, I’m looking forward to see what will be next in this (very succesful) collaboration between Etla & Kokoro!


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