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Cottolin: very grippy, stays in place over hours. Your child will feel weightless! I think it will rock as a shorty.
Alpaca: fluffy, very soft, less supportive and a bit slippery.

Cottolin weft vs. alpaca weft

I’ve had the pleasure to try not just one, but two Kirsten Heine handwoven wraps. This colourway is called ‘Herzsturm’ (heart storm) and it was a group custom.
The heart design is different from the other known heart designs (no hearts and diamonds like Mad Hatter or Turkish Towels) and the scale of the hearts is smaller.

The wraps are very heavy (cottolin: 380g/m² and alpaca: 395g/m²), but I believe the next wraps will be a bit less heavy.
The weaving is flawless, solid, very tight. The middle marker is a change of the direction (of the hearts) and is not very easy to notice.
I prefer a middle marker that I can feel when wrapping, but it’s a lovely detail.

Kirsten Heine has many years of weaving experience and you can definitely notice that in her work.
The wraps arrive with a small booklet with pictures from the creation of your wrap and even small ends of the yarn are added. It shows the care and passion for the product as a complete package.

My first try was with a wrap with cottolin weft. The weight scared me off a bit, but I loved the look and had to try it!
Wrapping with it was quite a challenge, it’s very grippy which makes it hard to get the second backpass (for a double hammock) nice and high.
It was a work out but totally worth it. Once it’s wrapped it stays in place without any effort, over hours.
The wrap might be heavy, but your child feels weightless in it (and you really don’t notice the weight of the wrap once it’s in place).

Compared to Mad Hatter Open Heart Enchantment it has less cush, it isn’t nearly as soft but the Mad Hatter tester had been travelling very long before it reached me and has been wrapped a lot.
This wrap was only worn a couple of times and I hope it will get softer and more moldable once it’s broken in.
I think the cottolin wrap will rock as a shorty, perfect for a quick DH with rings or RUB.

The wrap with alpaca weft visited me not long ago. It has a split weft (black – white).
I love the look of it but you need to make sure the MM really is in the center when you’re wrapping otherwise it won’t look as stunning.
The alpaca weft feels very fluffy, extremely soft and the passes glide with ease.
I really missed the grip which I loved on the cottolin wrap. something in between would be perfect!
It’s less supportive, but still supportive enough for a one layer carry with a bigger child due to the solid weave.
It’s a little bit slippery and the rucksack straps kept gliding off my shoulders if I didn’t use a tibetan finish.
This blend would be nice for a cold winter day, but in this tight weave it isn’t suitable for summer. It isn’t airy and feels more like a cozy blanket.

I’m really looking forward to see the other wraps Kirsten Heine is planning.
A little bit less heavy and more airy would be perfect, but I’m sure these toddler-worthy wraps with tiny hearts will find loving homes anyway.
She doesn’t take any customs at the moment and if she has any wraps left over for public sale or draw, she will announce it on her facebook page.

Some pictures:

you can see more pictures here and here

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