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Color Shade Grey with cashmere
380 euro for a size 6

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On November 21, 2014
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This wrap is perfect for a newborn, amazingly soft, a nice bounce & stretch.
Yes, it's supportive too, but because of the bounce I would say you need a multilayer carry for a heavy toddler. The lack of grip also can make wrapping a little bit tricky with a heavier child.

Heartiness Color Shade Grey with Cashmere
(cotton warp & cashmere weft)


Heartiness is a well known name in the handwoven business. They started with machine woven wraps 5 years ago, in 2009. The company is based in the Republic of Belarus. In 2011 they started to produce handwoven wraps. The first patterns they created were based on traditional weaving motives of that area. They are called: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Arrakis and Fusion.
This year they started to weave gradations in plain weave, twill, and created a new pattern, which was given the name Delta, with respect to the tradition of naming first wraps.


A couple of months ago I bought my first Heartiness, a beautiful grad called Coral Reef. The colours were stunning, the weaving looked perfect but for me it wasn’t love. The rails were hemmed, which disappointed me as I really really really love unhemmed rails. Yes, some handwoven wraps need hemmed rails, thin, stretchy wraps for example. But I couldn’t imagine this thicker twill weave wrap needing hemmed rails.
It’s all about the charm of handwoven for me, those perfect selvedges…. So, I decide to ask Heartiness: ‘why?’.
They were very kind and decided to ask the fans about preferences, a lot of people answered they prefer handwoven wraps unhemmed. (‘thank you!’)
Heartiness now even offers the option to leave your (pre)ordered wrap unhemmed if you prefer so! (and if the weaving/material allows it)


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(pictures by Heartiness)


I received this beautiful tester from the color shade preorder, it’s a grey grade with a cashmere weft.
My first impression: ‘it’s so soft!’. This wrap really is kittenbelly soft. Not ‘just’ soft, but incredibly soft!
This is one of those wraps that feel like your favourite sweater. You just want to put this on if your baby isn’t feeling well and needs some sleep. She’ll be out in no time!

This cozy & cushy wrap has a lot of stretch & bounce and might be a bit slippery at first. The delta weave is pretty typical for Heartiness and gives this wrap a great combination of wrapping qualities.
If you look at the weave, you would expect grip, but with this blend the wrap isn’t very grippy. It molds around your child perfectly and it feels thin in hand.
I love how the weaving pattern changes at the top and bottom rail, instead of the delta weave they used a twill weave towards the selvedges.
This makes the rails less stretchy and easier to wrap with (and keep tension). The ends are tapered and not blunt (straight), which actually is very nice, it feels like it’s easier to tie a knot.


This wrap is perfect for a newborn, I know I say it often, but it’s not ‘just’ nice, it’s really one of those blends that I would put on my wishlist for a tiny baby!
Do you own a cashmere sweater? or maybe a scarf? Imagine the most luxurious cashmere sweater, amazingly soft and fine cashmere…. this wrap feels like that!
Yes, it’s supportive too, but because of the bounce I would say you need a multilayer carry for a heavy toddler. The lack of grip also can make wrapping a little bit tricky with a heavier child.
The passes glide so easily, not only in to place, but also off your shoulders. I need a tibetan finish when I do a rucksack carry with this wrap.


Coral Reef was very grippy, the opposite of this beauty. Not only the material but also the weave made the difference, I think.
I would say pick a cotton or cottolin wrap if you want to wear your toddler in a one layer carry, I loved the twill weave of coral reef for my big girl!
I really hope a lot of parents will decide to leave their Heartiness wraps unhemmed if they order one.


I brought this wrap along with me to the Dutch babywearing Conference & a lot of mama’s were amazed by the feeling of this wrap.
It looks very classy & elegant. Perfect colours for winter & the perfect blend for those colder days too.
I would say this is a great christmas or new years-party wrap!
I have to admit I was a bit afraid at first, the wrap looks delicate, but it isn’t prone to pulls at all. Great!


Heartiness sells their wraps on etsy and Facebook. They have pre orders every once in a while and in the meantime they have regular releases.


Some pictures: 

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