KHR Cotton Candy shorty

I didn’t expect to win (the right to purchase a wrap) in a draw, ever.
I always try, pick a size that works for me, fill out the forms… and this time I won a invoice!

My first handwoven, in a perfect blue and pink! It reminds me of Kokadi Erna, my first love 😉 But way better!

I like the details: a personal tag, the yarn was picked to match the wrap. . . . You can see the love!

KHR cotton candy

The wrap is grippy, but making passes isn’t very hard, it is very cushy and it feels a little bit thicker then the Etla (macaroons) I tried.
It getting softer with every wear. It wraps short (but someone told me that handwoven always seem to wrap short??), this is a size 3 and it makes a perfect shorty.
The colours are very bright, with a shimmer like I’ve seen on my Pavo Penumbra(s). Very pretty!

I feel very lucky for winning the draw!

KHR Cotton Candy

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