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Rainbow blocks
around 300 euro for a size 6

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On November 12, 2014
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I've heard it needed a lot of breaking in, but it arrived to me very soft & moldable.
It wraps short and because of the thickness a size 2 is not the best choice. It would make a nice rucksack wrap in a longer length.
It has enough grip for a knotless finish, which I would prefer to avoid the bulky knot 🙂
(3.5 stars, but my system doesn't allow half points)

Beloved Handwerk ‘rainbow blocks’
100% bio-cotton
Width: 70cm


Beloved Handwerk is a new handwoven brand from Holland. They have made a couple of wraps in different yarn qualities (thickness) and weaving patterns.
This tester has a block pattern with lots of different colours. The rails are hemmed, which I don’t really like for a handwoven as long as it isn’t necessary (it could be necessary if the wrap is very thin or very stretchy).
This wrap is a size 2, I like shorties so I was looking forward to test it!


This rainbow blocks tester has been travelling for a while until it came to me, which makes it hard to judge how much breaking in it needed to get soft.
I did read some comments of mama’s who had this wrap visiting too, they said it wasn’t soft at all and hard to wrap with.
I guess they did a great job breaking it in, because the wrap arrived soft & moldable.
It’s thick, not the best choice to make a size 2 out of this! The knot is bulky, which takes away a lot of length and making it even harder to work with this size.


It’s easy to wrap with but also pretty grippy. I think a longer size would be a better choice, maybe a size 4 for a rucksack carry, as this wrap shines in single layer carries.
It doesn’t have a lot of stretch, which is nice if you’re wrapping a heavier child.
I would have loved to know how this wrap felt in the beginning, it seems like it was a completely different wrap brandnew. Hard to make a knot, not soft at all.


I brought this wrap along to the Dutch Babywearing Conference, a lot of mama’s gave it a try & you might have seen some pictures on Facebook.
It was nice to hear more opinions, most mama’s agreed with me that it’s thick & soft.
The looks are great (if you like blocks & rainbows), I’m a bit dissapointed that the rails are hemmed…. Hopefully they will change this in the future! (or offer it as an option)
I also think the middlemarker isn’t very pretty on this wrap. The label is cute, but it’s sewn on flat, I’d say: either fold it and sew it in or over the hem, or make a thread middlemarker. Not this way!
Because of the size & thickness I’ve only tried a couple of shorty carries without a chestbelt (I prefer a chestbelt!), I even tried to squeeze a normal rucksack carry out of the wrap (impossible).
A ruck tied under bum (with a half knot) was my favourite, because with the ‘tied at shoulder’ carries the knot bothered me.


It has enough grip for knotless or half knot finishes, which you will prefer to avoid the bulky knot. (at least I did)
The weaving is very neat, which is why I don’t understand why they would decide to hem the rails. (yes, that really bothers me!)
I would say this wrap is a great choice for bigger babies, not for a tiny newborn (too thick).
You would need a bit more length than you’re used to, because it wraps short.
I can’t really judge how it evolved, but I’ve been told it needs breaking in… a lot of breaking in! But it has ‘only’ been travelling for a month and a half and it’s very soft now!


If you want to know more about Beloved Handwerk, take a look at their website.
They sell their wraps on Facebook.

Some pictures: 

Label at the tail:






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