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Easy to use, practical, keeps us warm! Comes with a hat, babywearing insert and pregnancy insert. You can order a second insert for tandemwearing. Has a detachable hood for mama. The sleeves are long (= nice!)

Babywearing coat ‘Pearl trio pack’


You might already know Zoli, if not: Zoli is a French brand which offers babywearing coats and accessories. The company was born in 2009 as the babywearing mama behind this brand started to create babywearing fashion for herself, because she wasn’t pleased with the products that were available for babywearing parents around that time. The company has grown and now it are two mothers working on the products, they are selling a wide range of products, from babywearing coats to hats.


I have two Zoli coats here at the moment, the new ‘rainsnow’ coat & the ‘standard’ polar (fleece) coat. I love the cute design, Zoli coats have coloured details, my coat has pink details but you can pick from a wide range of colours. The coat comes with a matching baby hat, pregnancy insert and babywearing insert. You can buy a second babywearing insert for tandemwearing. If you need a bigger hat (the hat that comes with the coat will fit from 4 months to 2 years) you can order one in a matching design too.

At the bottom of the coat there is an elastical cord which you can pull tight, I always use that, it keeps the cold wind away from your lower back!
The sleeves are long, comfortably long, I love long sleeves! I am 1.68m and wear EU size 38/40, I picked the size M and it fits perfectly.
The coat has a nice length too. It’s long enough to cover my childs feet and keep the coat from crawling up at my lower back.


The coat is easy to use, you can put the babywearing insert in the front or zip it in the back for a backcarry. There is no hoodie for the baby but that’s solved with the hat. The hat stays in place if you flip the coat over your childs head, for me that’s a very important point for a hat when using a babywearing coat. (I can’t reach backwards far enough to put a hat back on.)
I will definitely try to make a video like I did with other babywearing jackets, to show the coat with and without a baby. But I wanted to put up my review now, to answer all the questions.


The fabric is 100% polyester on the outside, with 100% cotton on the inside of the insert. There is one cord on the insert (at the bottom) to adjust the width a little bit. The hole for the head is big enough for my toddler and you can close the collar in the front if you’re wearing your baby in a frontcarry. This way your neck will keep warm too.
I love the washing label, it says you can put it in the washing machine because if you’re a mama you will have other things to do.
The coat is soft & warm, I’ve worn it this morning with 3°C outside and it did a great job. I haven’t tried it in rain yet, but on a windy day it keeps the wind out & my baby warm.
Zoli also sells rain hats, to keep your child dry.


I love the fact that you can get a second insert and use it when you’re tandemwearing.
There’s a hood for mama, it’s attached with buttons and easy to take off.
I have to admit I prefer the looks of the rainsnow coat, but I could see myself using both jackets equally. Rainsnow for our city trips and this polar coat for our walks in nature.
The coat has two small front pockets, without a zipper or button to close. They are very deep so you could put your keys in there without the risk of loosing them (they can’t easily fall out of the pocket).


You can start wearing the coat during pregnancy and if you’re not wearing a baby it will look great without a baby or pregnancy belly too. It has a more informal/sporty look compared to the rainsnow coat, but I love that!

You can order your coat from their website. They also sell babywearing coats for daddy’s and little dollwearing coats for your toddler!


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Zoli coat and hat
Zoli coat and hat






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