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Ruutu Sateenkaari Navy
172 euro for a size 6

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On November 26, 2014
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Despite it's weight it's an easygoing wrap and is pretty moldable. This wrap is a great choice for a heavy toddler, but can also be used with a newborn. Grippy, thicker, softens up quickly. Will make a great rucksack wrap!

Vanamo Ruutu Sateenkaari Navy
100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Width: 75cm



Vanamo is a new brand that is designed and produced by Wearababy in Finland. They use materials that are produced in Europe: organic cotton, European linen and soft merino wool. All yarns are Öko-tex 100 certified which mean they do not contain harmful chemicals. The wraps are woven at a weaving mill in Southern Finland and finished by a local seamstress.
I love the bright and colourful look of the Vanamo wraps. If you don’t like rainbows, you can look at one of the plain-coloured wraps.
The Vanamo collection offers different colours, patterns and a variation in thickness and blends.
The wrap I tested is called Ruutu Sateenkaari. Sateenkaari is Finnish for rainbow and Ruutu means ‘diamond’ and describes the weaving pattern. It’s a thicker 100% cotton wrap, with a higher weight (324gr/m²). Despite it’s weight it’s an easygoing wrap and is pretty moldable.
This wrap is a great choice for a heavy toddler, but can also be used with a newborn. It needs a wash & iron and a couple of carries to get soft, but it’s not beastly to begin with. This weaving pattern provides great grip, it will be great for knotless carries. The colours of the wrap are very vibrant, I love the wrong side too, with its darker look.


Even though it’s a thicker wrap, the knot isn’t bulky. It’s grippy enough to finish with a half knot and you could pick a knotless finish if you prefer so. Even with the grip, making a high backpass isn’t hard at all.
This wrap is suitable for unexperienced wrappers, because it’s easy to wrap with and pretty forgiving. Your shoulders won’t hurt, even if you wrap a bit sloppy. It provides a nice cush on your shoulders, I can imagine this being a great rucksack wrap for a bigger child.


I tried the wrap in a size 7, you can easily tie a saltwater finish with this one or try other fancy finishes. I would say a size 4 would be nice for a rucksack carry, you don’t really need a second layer for your toddler with this wrap. I love the texture and body of this wrap, it doesn’t feel very heavy, as it is moldable and soft.
I like the small middlemarker, although I would have prefered to have two middlemarkers.
The wrap is 75cm wide, which is great with bigger children. This truly is a toddlerworthy wrap, I think my toddler agrees with me, she loves the wrap too!


You can buy this wrap at, there are other weft colours and blends available too.




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