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On March 5, 2015
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Softshell jacket, great for windy and rainy days. I love the thumb holes on the sleeves. Detachable hoods for mama & baby.
You can tandemwear with this coat! Not sweaty!

Twiga is a brand from Poland, they sell fleece and softshell babywearing coats.
I’ve tested the Twiga softshell coat (with hoods), which is the best choice for rainy and windy weather.


Softshell is a great choice if you have to go out on rainy days too, when you have a dog for example or if you just hate to be inside all day.
The Twiga babywearing coat has thumbholes on the sleeves, which is a great way to keep your arms warm and keep the wind from creeping up in your sleeves. (I hope you’ll understand what I mean 🙂 )
The coat also has a cord at the bottom, which you can pull tight so the wind doesn’t come up your back.
It doesn’t have an extra inner lining, so it wouldn’t be my choice for a freezing cold day, but even then you could probably just add a layer underneath if you like.


The coat came with two inserts, one for a backcarry and one for a frontcarry. The backcarry insert has a cord on one of the zippers so you can easily reach backwards and close the insert by pulling the cord.
It sounds very practical but I’d rather close the insert before putting the coat on (and just flip it over your child’s head). The dangling cord bothered me a lot and I removed it (you can easily untie the knot and take it off).
I also think it could be dangerous, such a long cord close to your child. (risk of strangulation!?)


Both hoods (for mom and for the child) are detachable and you can easily zip them on if needed. I love that they have a inner lining with a floral design. Cute detail!
The hood for your baby has two long cords so you can reach for them in a backcarry to put the hood on.
It was not something I’ve used, when I carry my child on my back I prefer to put a hat on before I put them in the wrap.


The front insert has a hole for the head, which is great! this way the insert will also cover the place between your child’s head and your neck. You can just close it all the way up and you won’t need a scarf!
I also love the shape of the insert, you can tighten it at the top and at around 3/4 (where the feet will be probably) and the body part is pleated, which looks very nice.
In my tandemwearing video you can see the difference between both inserts and how they look when they are used.


This coat has two pockets, they close with zippers and are big enough for your keys, wallet or phone.
Offcourse you can use it without the inserts too. It will be a great all-weather jacket.
The fabric has a high quality, even after intensive use my coat still looks brand-new!
It’s not sweaty, it’s the perfect choice for rainy spring or autumn days. I think it’s warm enough for mild winter days, if needed you can wear a longsleeve underneath.


Twiga ships worldwide, you can buy their coats on their website.


Tandemwearing video:

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