Review of: Tekhni Ceres Eco
55% cotton, 45% repreve
around 146 euro for a size 6 (pricing is in USD)

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On November 19, 2014
Last modified:May 29, 2017


Repreve doesn't need a lot of breaking in.
The wrap is not thin, so don't expect a small knot. It actually feels fluffy in hand, it has the wrapping qualities of wool.
Bounce, cush, softness... Repreve has it all!
I've tried it in different carries, but would say it shines in a rucksack carry. Cushy on the shoulders, comfortable even with a heavier child!

Tekhni Ceres Eco

55% cotton, 45% repreve

Tekhni is a brand from the USA,  ‘born’ in 2013. There’s a experienced babywearing mama behind this brand. She’s a dye artist, graphic & textile designer, with a passion for babywearing. Tekhni has already released a variety of designs in different blends and colorways.


I received two testers from Tekhni, Portico Earth and Ceres Eco. Not only the looks are very different, but lets take a look at the blend!
Repreve, what’s that? 
It’s a ‘new’ fiber, made from recycled materials, like plastic bottles and (post-industrial) waste. The company that makes repreve already had a lot of experience with polyester and nylon fibers, but had the (great) idea to create a fiber from recycled materials. You might doubt the safety of materials like this in a wrap you use with your baby, if you want more information about the making of repreve, or about the material in general, take a look at the website or on the website of Tekhni where a couple of FAQ are answered. Repreve is a Oeko-tex standard 100 certified material and it’s BPA free.


I was expecting a synthetic feeling, but it’s not like that at all. It feels like cotton, maybe a little bit like a low linen blend on first touch, but with the wrapping qualities of wool. Bounce, cush, softness… Repreve has it all!
Ceres has texture, without being overly grippy. It was already washed and used when it arrived at my place, but I’ve been told it’s soft from the start. Repreve doesn’t need a lot of breaking in.
The wrap is not thin, so don’t expect a small knot. It actually feels fluffy in hand, which makes it feel different than a all cotton wrap.
I’ve tried it in different carries, but would say it shines in a rucksack carry. Cushy on the shoulders, comfortable even with a heavier child!


Someone asked me if I would say a longer wrap would be better, or maybe a shorty? I wouldn’t pick a very short wrap. It actually wraps a bit shorter, the thickness and the knot take a bit of the length away.
I think a knotless ruck tied at shoulder with a (knotless) chestbelt would be very comfortable, for which I would pick a size 3. A size 4 would be just perfect for a rucksack carry. Simple & easy.
I can imagine it being very comfortable in a longer size too, but it’s not necessary to wear this wrap in multilayer carries, a rucksack carry is a great choice for your toddler too!


It’s said that Repreve is great for humid and hot weather, (sadly) it’s almost winter here so I can’t say anything other than the fact that it kept us warm on our evening walks.
I really love the combination of the wrapping qualities of wool with the washing instructions of repreve. Easy to care for, machine washable, just like cotton!
Sometimes bounce means a wrap will get saggy with a heavier baby, but with Ceres Eco that’s not the case.
The ”marshmallowy” feeling on the shoulders is hard to compare to other blends and wraps. I’ve had some cushy & fluffy wraps that I would describe like a cloud or pillow on my shoulders, but somehow this one’s different. The combination of support & cush makes it very comfortable!


I can recommend it for both experienced and inexperienced babywearers, with children of all ages. It’s suitable for a newborn, but I think it will shine with heavier children!

Ceres Eco has already been released, but I think there will be more wraps with Repreve in the future.
Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more information and updates.

Some pictures: (would have loved to share more, but it’s getting dark earlier and that means less time to get decent pictures)


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