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On August 8, 2014
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Very soft & thin, nice for a newborn in summer but I wouldn't pick it for long walks with my heavy toddler.
Beautiful colours, looking forward to the linen blend!

Pellicano Baby Zamira Vari
220g/m2 – 100% cotton
Size 6 (4.66m x 0.72m)


Normally, I would use a wrap for at least 1 or 2 weeks before I write down my first thoughts.
I would let it all sink in before I write a full review. Not this time. Zamira has been here for 4 days and I wanted to write down my first thoughts now.
Why? Because of the disappointment, which at the same time has to do with my BIG love for the pattern and the colours.

Pellicano Baby is a new brand, they produce and finish their wraps in Germany and Poland.
The first pattern ‘Zamira’ is a zebra pattern with a rainbow warp.
This combination of the colours of the warp with the zebra design and the dark weft make this a stunning looking wrap.
You will stand out of the crowd for sure!
This is the perfect wrap to match my hair and I even had my nails done to match the wrap.
I was very excited for this wrap to arrive, which made the disappointment even bigger.


The packaging is very pretty, I love the card which looks handmade and has a handwritten message, personally addressed to you.
The card says which wrap it is and says it’s yours!
I did read that Pellicano Baby wraps are ‘stabilized’ and ‘finished’. I would have loved to tell you what that means exactly, but honestly: I’m not sure.
My guess is that the yarn is treated before the weaving process and maybe the wraps are already washed.
I do know that the wrap feels soft brand-new and doesn’t need to be washed before use. The wrap feels very thin, perfect for summer.

Our first long walk was an one-hour hike back from the waterfalls. I’ve used another wrap for the way to the waterfall and brought Zamira Vari with me for our way back. At the waterfall I gave it a try with my toddler (15kg) and in a 3-layer carry it started to hurt my shoulders. I was glad that my toddler wanted to go down.
I wrapped my little girl (9.5kg) in a 3 layer carry (christina’s ruckless) and headed back to the car which was another one-hour walk.
I must admit that the wrap that I used for the way to the waterfall was a linen blend, a very supportive wrap. Compared to that wrap Zamira Vari wasn’t comfortable for such a long walk.
I had to correct the passes on my shoulder because my wrap job didn’t feel neat and the toprail started digging into my shoulder.
After re-doing my wrapjob it felt better, but I would have loved some more ‘cush’, I really missed the soft bouncy feeling on my shoulder which I love with my other wraps.
I felt frustrated, frustrated with myself, with the wrap and with my disappointment. I wrote down my first thoughts after 4 days and am writing my full review now, not even a week later.

Is it a bad wrap? No. Why did I feel so frustrated? Because my expectations were too high.
If you love thin wraps and can wrap very neatly you will like it, maybe even with a heavier child.
It could be that I have picky shoulders. I never experienced it this way, but seeing other people write that this wrap is so toddlerworthy made me feel like I was crazy!

I used Zamira again several times, hoping that my opinion would change…. I still feel torn.
This wrap is so stunning, the colours in combination with the print are just perfect.
It’s soft, a bit slippery maybe but it will make a very nice thin summer wrap for a newborn. If I wear it for a long walk with my toddler it pulls on my shoulders.
If my wrap job isn’t perfect it gets diggy and hurts my shoulders but if I wrap very tight and carefully it ‘only’ pulls my shoulders.
It feels like the weight doesn’t get distributed in a way that I’m used to and the wrap is less supportive than others.

I actually prefer a double hammock (2-layers) over a 3-layer carry like BWCC or Christina’s ruckless with this wrap.
With a double hammock the chestpass takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders.
I’ve used Zamira Vari for a shopping trip and a Double Hammock with a ring was actually surprisingly comfortable.
I switched to a FWCC to nurse my baby and it didn’t cut in my shoulders at all.

I’ve heard some rumors about linen blends coming up. I really hope that they will come soon.
For me a wrap needs more than just ‘looks’ and with my children getting heavier (and my walks mostly being over an hour), I really need supportive wraps for those walks.
This wrap is perfect for a quick walk from the car to the store or for a short walk on the beach. If it’s folded it practically doesn’t take any space, which makes it the perfect ‘in your handbag’ wrap if you are on the road.
I would love this with a newborn baby in summer, but I wouldn’t pick it for my toddler.
Sometimes looks win and I still fall in love with the wrap, but if it doesn’t have the wrapping qualities and the comfort it is only a short affair and not a long-term relationship. At this moment it feels like a on/off relationship, I think I can only say ”to be continued….”

Pellicano Baby releases their wraps through their website. You can find all the information about upcoming releases on their Facebook page.

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You can find more pictures here and here

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