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On July 9, 2014
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Very fluffy, cushy, a lot of bounce. Not the best option for hot weather, it's not airy and a little prickly on bare skin.
You will love this in fall or winter!

Owrapel Applelicious Enzian

60% enzian blue alpaca 40% white cotton

I have tried another 100% cotton Owrapel tester a few months ago. Since then Owrapel has started releasing wraps, improved them and is exploring different blends.

These apples are a 60% alpaca blend in a perfect blue color. On the first touch it feels very wooly and a bit prickly. It’s a hairy wrap.
I own a wrap with alpaca and that’s a hairy fluffy tyger 🙂
As long as a wrap isn’t nerve-wracking itchy, I don’t mind the fluffy feeling!

First try: the wrap really is very fluffy, it’s cushy on your shoulders and is very nice in a one layer carry (rucksack) with my youngest daughter (9kgs).
It has a lot of bounce but if you wrap very tightly, it isn’t saggy. It was summery hot on the first day and this wrap isn’t the best option for hot weather.
It’s warm, not very airy and it was a little prickly on my bare skin. The following days is was rainy and colder, the perfect weather for these apples.
It keeps you and your child warm and dry. It feels very cozy and supportive. You will love this in fall or winter!

I love that the rails are sewn both ways, this wrap has no wrong side. My toddler loved the design and I tried it in both a rucksack (tibetan) and a double hammock with her.
I prefer a double hammock (she’s 15+kg), because with her weight the stretch in the one layer carry was just a bit too much.
A double knot with this wrap is pretty bulky. I loved a knotless (tibetan) finish, very comfortable!

Owrapel sells the wraps on Etsy, keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates about releases.

Some pictures:

Double Hammock
Double Hammock


fotobombing toddler!
fotobombing toddler!
Fotobombing baby :)
Fotobombing baby 🙂

you can find more pictures in my portfolio

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