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On August 26, 2014
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Very easy to use, suitable for front, back and tandemcarry. Looks good without the babywearing insert too.
Water and windproof, no hoodie for the baby. I'm not sure if it's warm enough for a cold (freezing) winter, but it's perfect for fall.

Momawo 4 in 1 coat
designed in Barcelona, made in Bulgary

I have been babywearing for over 3 years now and never felt the need to own a babywearing jacket.
I’d rather put on an extra sweater or grab my umbrella, I feel like my wraps are too pretty to hide them underneath a jacket .

With the winter coming up I’m exploring babywearing jackets. A friend once said that a babywearing jacket is something you only realize how much you missed it once you own one. Most babywearing jackets are pretty expensive. A normal non-babywearing jacket can be expensive too, but to me a babywearing jacket seemed like an ‘occasional’ and not an everyday jacket.

This Momawo jacket is a perfect option if you don’t want to spend over 200 euro and just want to give a babywearing coat a try. During summer the jackets are on sale and they cost only 99 euro + shipping (normal price 119euro). The jacket is water and windproof, with a soft inner lining. The materials are öko(eco)-tex certified so perfectly safe for you and your baby.

You can use the jacket as a normal jacket without an insert, as a maternity jacket during pregnancy and as a babywearing jacket with the insert on the front, back or both (tandemwearing). The jacket has a zipper in the front and one in the back where you can put the insert in. The hood attaches to snaps so you can attach it easily and the collar closes with snaps too. Since there’s no hood for your baby, I would recommend buying a rain hat if you’re planning to use it in the rain without an umbrella .

The first days it was very rainy here, a couple of times I got my girls dressed, one in the wrap and one with a raincoat/suit on. I would put the jacket on and somehow it wasn’t raining anymore by the time I got outside. I had my sister simulate HEAVY rain to put the jacket to the test. My toddler was up for it (I wanted to do the test with my toddler because she can answer and tell me if her clothing is still dry). It was very windy and her hat flew away after a few minutes, but she was giggling so even without a hat we were standing there, my pants and shoes were soaking wet but the jacket was keeping me dry (and warm). After a while the water was running down my toddler’s hair and her back got a little wet. I think she would have stayed dry if she had still been wearing a (rain)hat. I don’t mind that the jacket doesn’t have a hood for the child because it could be complicated to get it on and even harder to make sure it doesn’t cover my baby’s nose when she’s on my back (my youngest usually keeps turning her head if I put something on her head). A nice hat is probably easier to use.

People ask me if it’s a wintercoat. I’m not sure. It doesn’t have a thick lining, the inner lining is cozy and warm, perfect for fall in Holland and probably warm enough for a Dutch winter. You can just put an extra sweater on if it’s really cold and you’ll be okay. In Germany (where I live) we can have snow from November till March and temperatures around -20°C. I don’t think the jacket will keep me warm in those temperatures, but I would love to try it with an extra sweater and really hope it will prove me wrong.

You can adjust the insert to make it tighter if you wrap a newborn baby and it’s also big enough for a toddler. If you open up the zipper a little bit your tiny newborn will be sheltered from the wind and with a bigger child you just pull the zipper up all the way or open it up a little bit if your child wants to have the arms out.

The mamas behind Momawo jackets are still working on improving their products. I’ve seen a preview where they add scraps to the jacket to give it an individual look and they will be selling the inserts separately for tandemwearing mamas like me! I had a little issue with my jacket after using it intensively (you open and close the collar in the back if you’re using the jacket for a back carry). Two buttons at the collar came off I contacted Momawo and was told that they had this problem with a small batch of jackets last year. (12 jackets out of the 600that they sold last winter) and afterwards the production was improved and they are now using other buttons. They offer replacement if something like this happens, but she assured me that it shouldn’t happen with the newer jackets. She was very kind and I think it’s great that they are constantly working on improving their product. I have opened and closed the buttons a lot, but the other buttons didn’t get looser. They are now considering using plastic buttons in the next production to make them lighter and more durable.

If I have to go out in the rain I grab my coat and am very happy to have it here. It’s true that you only know how nice it is to have a babywearing coat once you have one. Especially when it’s windy it’s nice to use it. Of course you can grab a nice warm wrap, but in this jacket your child will find shelter from the wind and it just feels very cozy!

You can find more info at the Momawo website




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